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Jean's FlowersThis photo was recently posted on Facebook by a dear friend in Nashville who has this little painting that I did when I first started painting.  I’m not sure if there is a date on it but I would guess it was in the early 1990’s.  I am delighted that Jean is still enjoying this little piece of art.  Thanks for sharing it with me Jean.  It made my day to see it.


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Beach Scene in Watercolor Debbies Beach Scene Debbies 1996Here are two more older paintings that Brother and sister-in-law have hanging in their home.

As a daily painter there was a time that I was painting about 250-300 paintings a year…mostly smaller pieces.  Producing so many I lost track of many of them.  I did start keeping better records a few years ago but these were produced before that time.

It’s thrilling for an artist to see their work hanging in homes.  So I really got a kick when visiting Brother’s home to see these.  So glad they enjoy my work.

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Morgan's Tea Paty

Morgan’s Tea Paty

Years ago I gave one of the first large paintings that I ever did to my niece, Morgan.  I probably painted this in the early to mid 90’s.  She was a young girl at the time that I gave it to her and it hung in her room.  While visiting Brother’s family this week at their new home Morgan showed me her bedroom….and there it was, hanging on the wall.  I love that she still enjoys it all these years later!

The gift of art lasts forever!!!

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A study in brick on location in Waterford, VA

A study in brick on location in Waterford, VA

Waterford 2

A view of Waterford, VA. Park behind the church

Waterford 3

A view of a street in Waterford

Waterford 4

Another streetscape in Waterford

Yesterday I painted with the Plein Air group in Waterford, Virginia.  Our group meets to paint together outdoors in different locations to hone our skills and enjoy the fellowship of other painters.  And Waterford was such a nice choice.  I had never even heard of it and it is just about an hour from where I live.

The entire town is a national historic village. It was founded by a Quaker from Bucks County, PA in 1733 and many of the buildings still is use were built before 1840.  It’s adorable.  (Learn more here about Waterford.)

There were so many wonderful streetscapes in this adorable little village that it was hard to choose what to paint.  I took many, many photos so that I would have some material for later.

I decided to paint the front portion of a cute little brick home so that I could do a “study in brick”.  I don’t often do streetscapes so I took this opportunity to practice working on shape and color.  I like how it has started and hope to finish it soon in the studio.  The lady who lives in the house came out to chat for a few minutes.  She was delightful.

I have missed painting with this group and hope we get a chance to paint together a couple more Thursdays before the weather gets too cold.

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Ethan and Madeline's Daffodils

Ethan and Madeline’s Daffodils

We had a successful day at our kid’s and adult art classes yesterday.  Ethan and Madeline (a brand-new student) painted these fabulous spring daffodils.  I love the blue background and bright yellow impressionistic flowers.  Great work!

Logan's Owl

Logan’s Owl

And in the adult class, Logan finished this adorable owl.  Logan started in my kids class several years ago and then moved up to the adult group this past year.  She’s a natural!  She has picked up every tip I have thrown out and applied it to her work.  I am so proud of you Logan.  SUPER!

Nick's Peonies

Nick’s Peonies

And the peony painting is by Nicholas another adult student who began painting with me last fall.  He didn’t want his photo taken but I had to share the beautiful painting he just completed.  Nick paints meticulously and it shows in his beautiful work.

Great job everyone!

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Aren’t we ready to see the jonquils stick their little heads out?Jonquils

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Jan's Granddaughter - The Mermaid

Jan’s Granddaughter – The Mermaid

You met Jan last year.  She is one of my Wednesday morning students who does a fabulous job painting wonderful things for her family.  Here is another mermaid she did for one of her granddaughters.  It looks super!!!  Great work Janice!  Click here to see the last mermaid Jan painted.

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Blue RidgeBlue Ridge Mountain View miniature, oil on canvas 4″ x 12″ on gallery wrap canvas.  This would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your Christmas list.  It is available for $ 95.  SOLD!  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .

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Joy with beach

Joy is one of my Thursday students that often tells people that she was scared to come to her first art class.  But then she will reassure them that she is glad she did because she loves the paintings she is creating as well as the fellowship with her fellow students.  Great job Joy!  We are glad you joined us.

If you would like to paint be sure to check out more information here or contact Kelly at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com to register.  We would love to have you.

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Cathy and CatMy students  continue to do wonderful work each week painting everything from landscapes to still life to portraits.  Yesterday in class Cathy finished this beautiful painting of her cat.  Outstanding job!  I know you will love having it hanging on your wall.

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