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A study in brick on location in Waterford, VA

A study in brick on location in Waterford, VA

Waterford 2

A view of Waterford, VA. Park behind the church

Waterford 3

A view of a street in Waterford

Waterford 4

Another streetscape in Waterford

Yesterday I painted with the Plein Air group in Waterford, Virginia.  Our group meets to paint together outdoors in different locations to hone our skills and enjoy the fellowship of other painters.  And Waterford was such a nice choice.  I had never even heard of it and it is just about an hour from where I live.

The entire town is a national historic village. It was founded by a Quaker from Bucks County, PA in 1733 and many of the buildings still is use were built before 1840.  It’s adorable.  (Learn more here about Waterford.)

There were so many wonderful streetscapes in this adorable little village that it was hard to choose what to paint.  I took many, many photos so that I would have some material for later.

I decided to paint the front portion of a cute little brick home so that I could do a “study in brick”.  I don’t often do streetscapes so I took this opportunity to practice working on shape and color.  I like how it has started and hope to finish it soon in the studio.  The lady who lives in the house came out to chat for a few minutes.  She was delightful.

I have missed painting with this group and hope we get a chance to paint together a couple more Thursdays before the weather gets too cold.

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