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Art Camp continued yesterday at the Blue Ridge Arts Council with the young artists producing two beautiful paintings. 

The first was these great blue birds.






They also painted a terrific cardinal.  They will put final touches on those this morning as well as start working on their “Masterpiece”!  Stay tuned….more to come.

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We had a great first day of Art Camp yesterday at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  I have six students (one is camera-shy) and they all produced great art.

We started with the basic color wheel, mixing colors, learning about primary and complementary colors.  They picked that up really fast!

 Then they painted their first piece of art.   It’s a beautiful mountain scene.  Everyone of them did a fabulous job!  No kiddie art for these guys…they are making real grown-up art!  I love it!!!

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Last week I was commissioned to paint Hamlet, a Japanese Chin, that was much-loved by his people.  He was a sweet old man and quite handsome. 

Here is the beginning sketch.






Next, I chose a background for Hamlet.  A strong blue seemed to suit this painting.








 And this is the completed painting.  I think Hamlet turned out great!  How about you?

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Zen II, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 30″x20″.

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The start of a large painting.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Continuing to work.  Developing a zen garden rock stack.









    And it’s finished.  Zen I, acrylic

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Something you don’t see everyday…..






…a girl rolling a harp down the street.






 After chatting with her, I found that she was on her way to the gazebo as part of the Celtic Festival on Saturday.  She was selling this harp because she had just gotten a new one.  Imagine!

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I got a call late on Tuesday afternoon and met with a client to do a quick watercolor sketch of his ideas for changes to his building.  He needed them quickly for a meeting today.  It would have been fun to spend a little more time tweaking them but with the short notice all I had time to do was try to get his ideas on paper.  S

While this is not my most favorite type of painting to do, it is something that comes up from time to time and it does help pay the bills.  🙂

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Ordo came for a play date.

It caused much excitement with Lincoln and Jed resumed his supervisory duties.


  We could learn a lot from these two – play hard but don’t forget to take a break!

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This is why I love to crochet.  This little angel is holding  a bunny that her aunt purchased for her at Delilah’s.  She loves it.  And I love the photo.  Thanks for sharing it with me Auntie.

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  These young artist did a great job painting the Farm Gate a few weeks ago. 

This is just an example of the kinds of paintings that the kids will do in Summer Art Camp.  The first weeklong camp will begin June 27th and is for students ages 7 – 12.  If you have a budding artist, please contact me for more information.  There is still a couple of spaces left for that week.  There are five weeks to choose from so if that week doesn’t work for  you, just email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com and I can send you the full schedule. 


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