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 Beagle is an acrylic, 12″x12″ on canvas.  Another in the dog series that I’m doing for the upcoming show.  I’ll be posting more all week.

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Fun Weekend with Max!

Just got back from a fun weekend at the cabin with one of my painting buddies, Susan, and her latest addition, Max.  He was rescued from our shelter by Susan’s family.  Aren’t they lucky???!!!!

Jed and Lincoln and Max all got along great.  But it was Lincoln that Max enjoyed playing with most.

Thanks Susan for rescuing this great little guy.  He’s going to be a wonderful addition to  your family.

A Pile of Pups!!! 

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Today would have been my mom’s 69th birthday.  We lost her in 1994 of cancer at the young age of 52.

She was a beautiful person.

You can see by the teddy bears on her shirt in this photo that she loved kids and was a kindergarten teacher.  She loved it!

I recently went through old photos and scanned a bunch of them (thanks Carol for the scanner!).  So I decided to post several of Mama today, hopefully in chronological order.

She was a wonderful pianist and taught kids after school.

Here are some other photos of her over the years, most with family members, including me.

I miss her everyday!

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Papillion is an acrylic on canvas measuring 12″x12″.  SOLD! This is the third in the series of dog paintings that I am working on for the upcoming show.  This one reminds me of our friend Sammy that we see when we walk around the neighborhood.  He loves my dogs so much that if we don’t stop and visit with him he will tunnel under the fence and follow us!

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Mia with The Chevy.  She made this special gift for her dad in a private lesson yesterday afternoon.  Didn’t she do a fantastic job? 

She later told me she didn’t think she could do it.  And I told her that the thing that stops most people from succeeding in art is fear.  Don’t be afraid to try.  The only thing you do wrong is to not try! 

Good job Mia!!!

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White Pup is the second in the new series that I am painting for the upcoming show.  It is an acrylic on canvas measuring 12″x12″.  This is the start.




 White Pup completed!

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Very soon I will be asking for you all to help us as we move into the final phase of the dog park project.  We need to raise money!  Surprise, surprise.  The good news is that everything is in place and we should have a park by the end of the year. 

This watercolor painting is one I did several years ago when we kicked off the Dog Park project.  I will be painting more dogs shortly for a show that will feature dogs and help draw attention to the project.  Please stay tuned and if you can help we would really appreciate it.

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The Wednesday Young Artist class painted a wonderful landscape of mountains with low hanging clouds.  This was a free-form lesson where they followed along as I painted.  Can you imagine they did this in only an hour?  I’m not sure if they are just great artists or if I’m a good teacher!  🙂

And here is Shelly…one of my students from the Wednesday Adult class.  Shelly has been painting with me for a couple of years now and does an excellent job.  But she is always giving the kids a hard time when I take their pictures for the blog.  She tells them that I never take photos of her to post.  Well here she is….hard at work.  (And just to set the record straight, Shelly has had her photo on the blog before.  Click here to see her:  https://lifeofadailypainter.com/2010/09/20/caution-artists-at-work/

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I started this painting of Jed last Wednesday night in Adult Art Class.  I used a photo by Sandra Patterson as my reference photo.  I just love this look.

This is the beginning.





The next night at the Thursday class I had a few more minutes to work on it.


Last night while I waited for a couple of new students for a private lesson I took a few minutes to work on Jed again.

I may decide to tweak a few things after it dries a little but for the most part he’s done.  Jed is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8″x10″.  He’s not for sale.  🙂  He will go on my wall at home joining portraits of Truman, Jeffie, Boo and Rosie.  Next I’ll have to work on Lincoln.

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Mini Abstract in Red is an acrylic on paper board measuring 3″x2″ and is available for $15.

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