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wp-1590141599136.jpgOur family that paints together returned yesterday to paint again before the kids head back to Kentucky.  They had a productive visit with their grandmother as they came three times to The Studio to paint some lovely works of art.  Yesterday they created these beauties.  Nice work guys….and come see me again next time you visit!

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A Family Affair

20180408_171703.jpgWe had a Family Paint Party Sunday.  The family that paints together….has loads of fun!  To book a party contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  Set up a FUN event for your friends and/or family.

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I am excited to be flying down to Savannah today for the reception of my niece’s art show tonight.  Morgan is graduating soon with a major in art.  I’m very proud of her.  You can see some of her work here from an earlier post.  I am sure tomorrow I will have more photos to share. But today I am sharing photos of her from visits here over the years.  Congrats Morgan.  Looking forward to the show! Can’t wait.

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Today would have been Big Mama’s birthday.  She was born in 1908 and lived through some really interesting times.  She taught me so much – cooking, sewing, crocheting and how to work hard.  She loved her family, her community and her church and her friends.  She was a beautiful person and I miss her.

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Remembering Mama

Mama 2Twenty-two years ago today I lost my Mama.  She was young…just 52 when she died of cancer.  It was and still is the hardest day.  For those of you who have lost your mom you understand.  I know I will never stop missing her.  She was a teacher so today as I teach my art classes I will be thinking of her and know that she is looking down on us smiling…


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Big Mama, Papa, Mama, Daddy, Granny and Pop at my parents wedding


Papa and Big Mama, Christmas 1983


Papa in his favorite chair eating cake


Big Mama and Papa  at their 50th Anniversary Party 

I have written many times about Big Mama who taught me crochet and gave me so many wonderful recipes but I haven’t said much about Papa, her husband.  Today would have been his birthday.

Papa, Ephriam Chancey, was a wonderful Christian man who loved his family and his church.  He was a carpenter.  He served as Sunday School Superintendent at Offerman Baptist Church as well as choir director for many years.

He loved to fish and he and Big Mama went on many fishing trips.  He had a quiet humor and was fun to be around.  He lost a leg to a blood clot later in life and one of the funniest stories we tell about Papa is about how much he loved sweets.  At any large gathering where a covered dish dinner was served (church socials, family reunions, large dinners) we often prepared a plate for him and brought it to him.  After the main course he would say to Big Mama, “How about some dessert?”  And she would bring it to him.  If Mama, Sister or  I asked if he needed anything he would say, “I haven’t had any dessert yet”.  And he said the same thing to anyone who walked by….often ending up with three or four different desserts…..which made him very happy.

Happy Birthday Papa!  Hope you are getting several servings of CAKE!

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Today would have been my mom’s 69th birthday.  We lost her in 1994 of cancer at the young age of 52.

She was a beautiful person.

You can see by the teddy bears on her shirt in this photo that she loved kids and was a kindergarten teacher.  She loved it!

I recently went through old photos and scanned a bunch of them (thanks Carol for the scanner!).  So I decided to post several of Mama today, hopefully in chronological order.

She was a wonderful pianist and taught kids after school.

Here are some other photos of her over the years, most with family members, including me.

I miss her everyday!

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Christmas Memories

A great photo of my niece Morgan, with my boys, Jed and Lincoln, and her little guy, Tam.

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My niece Morgan and sister-in-law Debbie rolled in Saturday evening for an overnight.  They go to their cottage in Maine for the summer and my house is half-way along the route so I am the wayside stop for them.  🙂  Jed is thrilled it works out that way as you can see he and Morgan have a mutual admiration society going.

Their little dog Tam, a Westie, and two cats, Star and Stripes, are with them too.  Tam is a cute little guy but has had a couple of health issues and he has been licking his leg.  His mean mama, my sister-in-law, puts a cone on his head to make him not lick at night.  He looks pitiful. 

While Tam had the cone on head, he came into my bedroom and looked into the bathroom and saw himself in the mirror and started growling and barking….and wouldn’t stop.  He thought that dog looked weird too!  Poor little Tam.  Hopefully his leg will heal soon and he won’t have to be a conehead any longer. 

Jed and I will be looking forward to the return trip in August.  On the return they will stay a few nights and maybe Tam won’t be a conehead any more!

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