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The kids started back with class at The Studio yesterday painting an umbrella….so appropriate for yesterday’s storm! They were more interested in getting Lincoln to be in their photo than looking at the camera. LOL Homeschool students classes begin this morning at 11 am. Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to get a seat for your young painters.

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Beach Scene in Watercolor Debbies Beach Scene Debbies 1996Here are two more older paintings that Brother and sister-in-law have hanging in their home.

As a daily painter there was a time that I was painting about 250-300 paintings a year…mostly smaller pieces.  Producing so many I lost track of many of them.  I did start keeping better records a few years ago but these were produced before that time.

It’s thrilling for an artist to see their work hanging in homes.  So I really got a kick when visiting Brother’s home to see these.  So glad they enjoy my work.

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