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Every time I go I see something different. I especially love seeing the art… Monet’s, Renior’s, Sargent’s…. Wow!

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I spent yesterday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was so strange as many times I was the only on in the galleries…but it was wonderful because I got to linger and really study each painting. I will try to share some in the next few days and I hope you can see the close up of the brush work of these amazing painters. The one here, by Claude Monet, is a great example of brushwork and texture. Be sure to try to enlarge the photos and take a look. AMAZING!

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20170619_201551-1Yesterday we started another session of Art Camp.  This group, with young painters ages 8-13, learned about color mixing and created a color wheel as well as worked on learning to tint color and discover more about color value.  We then applied what we learned to our first painting of the  session, Claude Monet’s Pink Water Lilies.  Nice work everyone.  Can’t wait to see how you do today!

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Monet's "Le Palais Contarini", 1908

Monet’s “Le Palais Contarini”, 1908

Claude Monet’s painting of a Venetian palazzo, “Le Palais Contarini” , dating from 1908, sold for $30.5 million at Sotheby’s this past week.



Monet's "Nympheas", 1906

Monet’s “Nympheas”, 1906

And it was a bargain compared to the  iconic 1906 painting of water lilies,  “Nympheas” that sold for $54 million becoming the top sale at the recent auction.   Inspired by the lily pond in his garden at Giverny, the work was the second-highest price for a Monet at auction.

Read more about the recent sale here.

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"Monet's Lilac Irises"

“Monet’s Lilac Irises”

Art Camp yesterday had us painting our version of Claude Monet’s , (1840-1926) “Lilac Irises”,  painted in 1914-17.

Claude Monet, (1840-1926) “Lilac Irises” oil on canvas  32”x36” Painted in 1914-17 Private Collection

Claude Monet, (1840-1926)
“Lilac Irises”
oil on canvas
Painted in 1914-17
Private Collection

The young artists made terrific renditions of Monet’s work.  He would be proud!

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Self Portrait in His Atelier

Self Portrait in His Atelier

Monet (right) in his garden

Monet (right) in his garden

Born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France, Claude Monet was a founder of Impressionism and is probably it’s best known artist.

The term “impressionism” came from his painting, Impression Sunrise.  He may also be the most prolific of the Impressionist painters producing many plein-air impressionist paintings.

Many people think immediately of Giverny and his garden when thinking of Monet.  His water-lily paintings are some of his most famous.  Read more about Monet here and see his works.

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Art Camp Session 3 Day 4 2

Art Campers with “Monet”

Art Camp Session 3 Day 4 3

Waiting for Varnish

We wrapped up session 3 of Art Camp with a wonderful Monet painting of the Lady with the Umbrella.  We worked on it for two days and these young artists did brilliant job.  I am sure their families are excited about the outstanding art that these artists produced this week at Art Camp.

If you have a young artist check out the remaining dates of Art Camp here.

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