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Completed painting of "Stacy's Tree"

Completed painting of “Stacy’s Tree”

Reference Photo for Stacy's Tree

Reference Photo for Stacy’s Tree

I took a short break yesterday from painting Ball Parks to paint one of my favorite trees in my neighborhood.  I have taken several photos of this Weeping Cherry over the years thinking I would paint it and just never took the time.  But yesterday I made myself paint it because I want to give it to Stacy, whose tree it is.  Stacy was a life saver to me a few weeks ago when I couldn’t walk because of my knee.  She’s a physical therapist and wonderful neighbor.  On the day that my knee pain was the worst and I didn’t know what to do she took out time from walking Willie, her cattle dog, to look at my problem; talk me through what I should do; and even went home and brought back crutches for me to use.  And then over the course of the next several weeks while I was hobbling around she checked on me to make sure I was making good progress.  She was such a BIG help and made me feel as if I were not going crazy.  So today when I return her crutches I wanted to give her something to say thanks.  I thought this little painting might be good.   I call it Stacy’s Tree. It’s an acrylic on canvas measuring 6″x8″.

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From time to time I do commission work other than pet portraits.  One that I recently completed was Susan’s Weeping Cherry Tree.  After living with the painting for several weeks the client decided that she would like to have the house in the painting after all.  So here is a snapshot of the painting after I added the house.

This was the original painting.  I like having the house in it.  It adds depth to the composition.  It’s not always possible to go back into a painting and make it work but sometimes you get lucky.  🙂

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Susan's Weeping CherrySusan’s Weeping Cherry Tree is an oil on canvas measuring 16″x20″.  I was commissioned by one of my very best collectors to do this painting of the tree in front of her house.  So a few weeks ago I went out to her beautiful home and took some photos of the tree.  Of course, it wasn’t blooming at the time so I had to be a little creative with the painting.  That is the great thing about painting, you can put in or leave out whatever you want to when you are working with a photo.



Susan's Weeping CherryThis is the reference photo that I used for Susan’ painting. 

I delivered the painting to her last night and she liked it very much.  Yeah!!!

I’m always thrilled when someone buys more than one of my paintings.  Having collectors who love your work is a tremendous boost for any artist.   Thanks Susan!!!

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