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We had a large group of painters and a terrific fundraiser last night at The Studio for Southern Paws Virginia. The paintings looked great and we had a good time while helping a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone who participated. Check out the upcoming classes at The Studio and come join us soon.

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We had a private group at The Studio last night painting Spooky Trees! Nice work everyone! If you have a group that would like to paint together contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com . It’s time to start making your holiday party plans.

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Sarah loves Halloween and painted this one at art class based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Isn’t it fun?! Great work. We have adult art classes every week. Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com for more information and to join in the fun.

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20191017_074448.jpg Many thanks to Carla Luke, a Georgia art teacher, who gave us permission to use her idea for our Littlest Witch painting yesterday.  The kids loved it!  They are so ready for Trick or Treat time!

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Happy Halloween!

20171026_052201.jpgHappy Halloween from these little monsters.  They created some really cute Halloween inspired work this past week.

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20151014_170523-1 20151029_165729-1   The kids have been painting some Halloween themed pieces this past week.  Good work everyone!

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wpid-wp-1444300918916.jpg wpid-wp-1444300919305.jpgThe kids painted a Halloween painting yesterday at class.  Great work!

And we got an unexpected surprise when these kids and a pup rolled by The Studio yesterday afternoon.  It made me smile.



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OMG!  What a night!  The artists at Delilah’s greeted children with Halloween candy.  We thought we had plenty this year but once again we ran out after an hour.  Here is Fortune Teller Jackie giving candy to the wonderfully dressed up children.

We were so overwhelmed by the crowd that we had to take turns.  Here’s Fortune Teller Kelly helping out.  

The lines wound down the street.

And when we ran out of candy the Fortune Tellers went to work telling the “future” to  all those brave enough to dare.

Many thanks to Jackie Bourque who did a great job with the kids telling wonderfully uplifting fortunes to the little ones.

And the kids went all out with their costumes.  There were some of the cutest kids there.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Hometown Halloween a huge success.  And we hope to see all of you back at Delilah’s for your holiday shopping!  🙂

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Halloween Fortune Teller at workDelilah’s, our art & gift gallery on Main Street, took part in a Halloween event for the kids Saturday night.  Rebecca came in dressed in a beautiful red mask to help me that evening.  (She and her husband have Fox Hill Pottery and they show beautiful work that you can see at Delilah’s.)  I dressed as Kelly of Delilah’s, the all-seeing  fortune-teller, and decided to break out the tarot card and tell the kids fortunes.

You can see me here telling one witch her fortune while others wait in line.   (Look how serious we are!)




Halloween Line up out the doorAnd a long line it was.  It snaked into the shop where the fortune-teller was waiting with the tarot deck .  And it went out the door…..







Halloween And the line got longer

….and in front of the shop on the sidewalk……







Halloween Line up and down the street……and down the street.  It seemed that it got longer and longer.  We couldn’t believe how successful our little fortune-telling operation was.  We gave out 600 pieces of candy and that was pretty much one per child. 

I’m pretty sure that I told 300 hundred fortunes or more.  I was amazed how many wanted their fortune told and how they listened so intently to what I told them.  I really tried not to traumatize any kids.  I was the kind of fortune-teller that everyone wants to visit.  Only “good” fortunes here!  Besides, I didn’t want the kids to have to get years of therapy to recover from the fortune they were told on the Halloween of 2009 on Main Street in Front Royal.  🙂

Halloween Fortune Teller reward the patient witch with a treatAnd after they got their fortune, they, of course, got their treat!

The good news is that they all enjoyed it and no tricks were played. 

Maybe the fortune-teller will come back and tell fortunes again.  You just never know….

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Happy Halloween

Truman PumpkinJed GhostTruman and Jed wish you all a Happy Halloween.

There  is a special event for kids for Halloween downtown in Front Royal tonight so we will be at Delilah’s handing out candy.  Come see us!

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