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20190312_111925.jpgDid you ever have one of those days (or weeks) where things just didn’t go right….at all? That is what has been going on lately.  UGH!  And this morning I went to pull out my go-to machine to work on a new pattern for a quilt and forgot that it was still down at The Studio from last weekend’s sewing class.  UGH again!!!!  But then I thought maybe I will use my little “Nola Mae”, my Featherweight machine.  (People with Featherweights name their machines because they become part of the family.  Mine is named for Granny, my paternal grandmother.  She patiently let a little girl “help” her sew.  I learned so much from her so I wanted this one to be named for her.)  The minute I threaded her up and made the first few stitches my mood lightened and I smiled.  20190312_112019.jpgShe turned my day around.  This little machine makes me so happy!  Read more about this little girl here.

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On my way to work a few weeks ago I stopped in at a local auction house as I had seen that they had a few old sewing machines listed.  I have been on the look out for a Singer Featherweight ever since I saw the one that my friend Sandra brought to a sewing class last year.  I had read about them but never actually been in the presence of one.  I was in love and knew I had to find one for myself.  As I walked up to the table at the auction house that held the two sewing machines I held my breath hoping this would be the day.  Imagine my joy when I realized they were both Featherweights.  The problem was I couldn’t stay for the auction.  I had 15 people arriving for a paint party within the hour so I left a sealed bid on both machines…one machine was in good shape and the other not so much.  I held my breath waiting to hear if I got one.  When I finished work that day I still hadn’t heard anything so I went back by the auction and it was still going one.  But low and behold, I had gotten one of the machines…the one in the better shape.  I couldn’t wait to call my friends who work on antique machines and have them pick it up and check it out for me.  They did and were just as excited as I was that I had found it.  20170619_064645Now I have it back all oiled and ready to sew.  Now I can’t decide what to make first!  It’s almost too beautiful to use but I know it’s too  lovely not to use.  These little workhorses are much sought after and very collectible. Mine is from 1946….they each have serial numbers so we know when it was made. Read more about them here.  I LOVE IT!

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