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20190312_111925.jpgDid you ever have one of those days (or weeks) where things just didn’t go right….at all? That is what has been going on lately.  UGH!  And this morning I went to pull out my go-to machine to work on a new pattern for a quilt and forgot that it was still down at The Studio from last weekend’s sewing class.  UGH again!!!!  But then I thought maybe I will use my little “Nola Mae”, my Featherweight machine.  (People with Featherweights name their machines because they become part of the family.  Mine is named for Granny, my paternal grandmother.  She patiently let a little girl “help” her sew.  I learned so much from her so I wanted this one to be named for her.)  The minute I threaded her up and made the first few stitches my mood lightened and I smiled.  20190312_112019.jpgShe turned my day around.  This little machine makes me so happy!  Read more about this little girl here.

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