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BooksThe things you find when you clean up your studio.  Yesterday I spent all day cleaning up, straightening up, moving around, etc.  Now I’m exhausted!  The big thing I wanted to accomplish was to get all my art books in one location.  I did it but it took all day and one thing led to another so I ended up rearranging three rooms!!!

Fun to Cook Book 1 Fun to Cook Book 2 Fun to Cook 3While moving books from one room to another I found this old cookbook.  It is my very first.  I remember Mama ordering it for me.  We had to save three labels from Carnation products and mail them with a quarter.  (That is when you could actually mail a quarter in the mail.)  And then I waited for it to arrive.  How exciting it was!  I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.

So glad that I found it!

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