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Everyone did an amazing job on these river paintings last night at The Studio. Terrific! So fun painting together on a Friday evening. Check out more fun events coming up by clicking here.

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Thanks Jackie for inviting your friends to come paint this beautiful river scene last night at The Studio. You all did amazing work!!!! Terrific!!! Can’t wait till the next one. If anyone would like to schedule a private paint party for the holiday season be sure to contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to get on the calendar now!

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Everyone did a great job painting the sunset river view last night. Great work everyone! Check out the upcoming events at The Studio here.

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We had a terrific Book Club Meeting down at the river this afternoon and then we invited the guys to come by and have a little picnic dinner with us.  It was a beautiful evening.

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kids-trees-on-wc-paperThis week at our Kid’s Painting class we learned that you don’t always have to use a brush to make a beautiful painting.  We used paper towels to create these “Fall Abstract Trees” on watercolor paper.

Aren’t they FABULOUS??!!

And in the last few weeks we have painted Bicycles and the River.  If you have a   young artist or want-to-be artist ages 7-12 contact Kelly at kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to sign them up for class.

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A few weeks ago one of the moms of one of my Thursday Young Artists asked if I might teach her Tiger Cub scouts a lesson in color mixing and painting. 

Last Wednesday, we held that class.  Here they are working on their painting.  That’s my friend Shelly helping me with the large group.

They were very enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy painting.  The only mishap was when I accidentally dropped a paint brush on one boys head when I was trying to help him.  No permanent damage, just a little green paint in his hair.  Oops!

They did a terrific job…eight beautiful paintings of the mountain and river!

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HC Paint Out River 1One thing I love to do is gather with other artist to paint.  This weekend there was a Paint-Out in Hampshire County, West Virginia where my cabin is located.  I joined their Arts Council last year and when I got an invitation to attend the Paint-out I jumped at the chance. 

We met at Robin  Pancake’s beautiful home right outside of Romney.  What a great place!!!

Her 18th Century home sits right where the river and creek come together.  Beautiful views everywhere.  I could paint there for weeks and not capture it all.  I will share with you this week some of the terrific views.  And later in the week, when I finish the painting that I started, I’ll share that too.



HC Paint Out River 2Every direction you looked at the river was a beautiful shot.






HC Paint Out River 3And my favorite was the convergence of the creek with the river.

Many thanks to Robin for inviting us and I can’t wait till we gather again.

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