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In September we received a grant from Target to teach an art residency at Warren County Middle School. 

I spent the day with 13 wonderful young people who attacked the project with enthusiasm.

The project was part of the 175th Anniversary of Warren County project so we painted pieces that relate to our history both past and present.

Each student painted two 12″x12″ panels that related to government, education, tourism, transportation, or agriculture.

We put these together into four larger panels that will be unveiled this evening at WCMS at 6 pm.  If you are downtown this evening and would like to see them in person stop by and help us celebrate these wonderful young artists and their accomplishment!

And many thanks to Target for sponsoring this project; to Linda Kusior and Shelly Brugal, two wonderful artists who assisted us with the class; and the Blue Ridge Arts Council  for continuing to bring exciting art projects to young people in our community.

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The students at Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School hard at work on their paintings.

Raymond and Julie do a great job painting the school portion of the collage.

Super job everyone! 

Doesn’t painting look like fun???!!!

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This week I worked with the 4th grade students at Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School to produce the 175th Anniversary Painting.  The first day Doug Stanley, County Administrator, reviewed the history of Warren County while I gave an overview of the material we would use in the paintings.

I also did a quick demo of some of the brush strokes they would use as well as a color mixing demo of certain colors they would use.  They seemed fascinated.

Then on the second day of the project they started painting.  I will share more of their work soon.  Today was their final day of painting and Hagerstown TV came to do a story.  The kids were so excited.  Take a look at the story here.

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So you might ask yourself after reading this past weeks posts, just how does one person work with 16 kids during a one hour period for three days of painting with each kid painting something different and help them all come up with a superb painting?  Good friends, that’s how. 

Many thanks to two wonderful friends and artists, Shelly and Susan, who have helped over the last two weeks with the elementary schools that we have been working with on the 175th Anniversary Painting project.  It would have been impossible for me to do this project without their help.

And,  of course, many, many thanks to Kym who conceived this idea for the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  And while she appears before the camera in this shot while being interviewed for a tv spot about the project, she has been behind the camera the last two weeks as our official photographer.

I am so grateful to Shelly, Susan and Kym for making this happen.  Good job ladies!!!

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 On the 4th and final day of the Art Residency we finished up our paintings!  Yeah.  And then we took a class photo.  These are the wonderful 4th graders from A. S. Rhodes who created this beautiful painting.

  Didn’t they do a great job!

And this is the class of 4th graders from Hilda J. Barbour Elementary school who painted this terrific painting….


The very last thing we did together was have a little cupcake birthday party to celebrate the birthday of Warren County.

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We painted in the morning at A.S. Rhodes.

And in the afternoon we painted at Hilda J. Barbour.

And TV-3 came to do a story about the Art Residency Project.  They did a great job with the story.  They interviewed several kids too and they were so adorable talking about their painting.   You can watch their interview by clicking here

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I gave the students an overview of the project and then they began painting.

We numbered the 16 – 12″x12″ canvases that made up the 4’x4′ painting.  The students drew numbers to see which canvas they got to paint.

My friend and student, Shelly, came to help the kids with their paintings. 

Kym Crump of the Blue Ridge Arts Council helped too!

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