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Yesterday the Interweave blog had an interesting post for President’s Day all about First Ladies who crocheted.  I was so interested to read about  Ida Saxton McKinley who crocheted over 4000 slippers while her husband was in office despite her ill health.  The photos today are from a wonderful article on Betsy Butler’s blog. (See it here.)  This is from Interweave:

    “Ida Saxton McKinley (1847-1907), the wife of President William McKinley (1843-1901), was limited by precarious health. Suffering from severe headaches, mild epileptic seizures, fainting spells, and periods of depression, she often preferred to remain in her private quarters. But despite her physical limitations, she was an avid crocheter said to have crocheted some 4,000 pairs of bedroom slippers during her lifetime . . . Mrs. McKinley either gave these slippers away to friends, veterans, and orphans or she sold them at auction to raise money for the charities that she supported.”


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Yes, I’m still crocheting.  I know it stopped snowing but I can’t stop crocheting.  It’s like an obsession.  I don’t know what to do about it.  But I’m having fun so I guess I shouldn’t stop yet.

Here is a bucket hat in blue….

  And a Floppy Hat in Grey and a great travel hat in light brown.

And I had an order for a Mother and Daughter Hat that I made in this beautiful rose color.  Now they have been shipped off to the east coast.

And then I got carried away with slippers again…

These are Virginia Tech colors.  I plan to send a pair to our granddaughter at Tech. 

Now I’m working on University of Virgina colors.

There are also these beautiful variegated girly color slippers that I had to make.  I just love this yarn.  It works up so pretty.

And then there are the coffee cup sleeves because you never know when that coffee or tea will be too hot and you can whip this right out of your purse and save the day!  Ha!

So as you can see the obsession continues…..

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Today is the last day for the crazy crochet week….something a little different for this blog.

Today I am posting photos of slippers that I made the last couple of days.  The snow is giving me plenty of time to watch tv and crochet.

I love these slippers.  I made two different patterns and am trying a third.   The internet makes it so easy to find great patterns.  That is really different from when I first learned to crochet and you had to buy a book with loads of patterns in it just to get the one you wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed the week of crochet.  Next week it’s back to art!

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