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Scarves as Art

We are doing all we can to stay alive during this unusual situation.  Last fall we worked with VIDA to use some of my art to make scarves…and bags.  We think they turned out great.  I gave them as Christmas gifts to some of my good friends who all seemed to like them.  Since I have a few more I have listed them in the store…just in case anyone is interested.  If they are popular we may design more.  Thanks for clicking here to see them.

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Here is a better view of the variegated yarn basket that was in the background of the photo yesterday.  This is the second one I made from that same pattern.

And I just kept crocheting.  There is something addictive about it.  I don’t really understand it but I can’t stop.

I made hats!  I’ve never made hats before.  But I found this terrific website where they have gobs of beautiful patterns that you can download and I found so many great things to try.

If you like crochet check out www.crochetpatternscentral.com and from there you find many links to other places where there are great patterns available including the website for the yarn makers. 

I did paint a little yesterday too but this is such a refreshing change that I am planning more for today and with the call for another 8-12 inches of snow tonight I just hope I have enough yarn laid in the carry me through to the thaw.  🙂

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