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Many thanks to those who purchased scarves when I listed them a few days ago.  They will be in later this week and I will get them to you right away.  There are a few left…sunflowers and abstract landscape.  I am considering ordering more and have made some in new designs.

Let me know if you like the new designs. I especially like the local designs…the Gazebo, Main Street and Mountain Sunset. To see what is currently available for purchase click here.   

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About a month ago we share a link to purchase some scarves based on my art and they sold out fast.  Many thanks for that!  We ordered more and they should arrive on Tuesday of this week so we are putting the links back up to purchase.  We only have a few of each design so if you are interested please “scarf them up” fast.  (Pun intended. LOL)  Seriously, we would appreciate any support you can give us on these.  They really are lovely, large cotton scarves.  If you choose the shipping option we will get them out in the mail to you just as soon as they arrive. And again, thanks for your continued support.

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Scarves as Art

We are doing all we can to stay alive during this unusual situation.  Last fall we worked with VIDA to use some of my art to make scarves…and bags.  We think they turned out great.  I gave them as Christmas gifts to some of my good friends who all seemed to like them.  Since I have a few more I have listed them in the store…just in case anyone is interested.  If they are popular we may design more.  Thanks for clicking here to see them.

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