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It is snowing again.  We got another several inches last night.  Just what we needed seeing how the roads haven’t been cleared from the first snow. 😦

I’m still crocheting.  Here is a scarf/wrap and hat that I made out of some beautiful green yarn.  And I am working on a couple of other hats.  I’m having such fun with this.

For those of you who emailed me, no I haven’t stopped painting.  I’m still painting but with all the time inside I have to do other things as well.  So this week I just thought I’d change it up a little.  Thanks for asking and for the encouragement.  I really appreciate it.

Stay warm and safe.

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Here is a better view of the variegated yarn basket that was in the background of the photo yesterday.  This is the second one I made from that same pattern.

And I just kept crocheting.  There is something addictive about it.  I don’t really understand it but I can’t stop.

I made hats!  I’ve never made hats before.  But I found this terrific website where they have gobs of beautiful patterns that you can download and I found so many great things to try.

If you like crochet check out www.crochetpatternscentral.com and from there you find many links to other places where there are great patterns available including the website for the yarn makers. 

I did paint a little yesterday too but this is such a refreshing change that I am planning more for today and with the call for another 8-12 inches of snow tonight I just hope I have enough yarn laid in the carry me through to the thaw.  🙂

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Sometimes when I’m feeling creative I want to do something other than paint.  With all the snow around and not being able to go out much I picked up some yarn and a crochet hook and went to it.

These are yarn baskets with handles that I made this weekend.  They happen to be stuffed with yarn just so you could get an idea of how they look and their size.

I love to crochet.  And I forget how much I enjoy it until I pick up a crochet hook and go to work.  My granny taught me how.  When I was very young she would be working on something and I would beg to help.  So she taught me how.  I was way to young to grasp the total concept but I could chain, which is the foundation stitch for all crochet.  And I could chain from here to the moon.

But it took me awhile before I could put it together and actually make something.  I think I must have been around 11 or 12 when I really started making things. 

I love trying something new.  So this weekend with all the snow I had my opportunity.  And here are the bags.  And thanks Granny for helping me not be bored to death this weekend.  I wish you were still here to see what I made.  🙂

Tomorrow, who knows???!!!

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Snow Snow Snow Snow……

We are in the midst of our second really big snow fall of this season.  The first one gave us a couple of feet of snow.  And that was fun for a south Georgia girl like me who has never seen loads of snow before. 

But here we are again.  It started yesterday about 9 a.m. with a faint little light misty snow and it hasn’t stopped.  It only got harder.  And when I measured a few minutes ago we were up to 30 inches!!!  That’s a lot of snow.

Truman is not a fan of snow.

He will go out and take a look if you make him.

And I make him because he can’t hold it forever.  But he said let’s turn around and try the other steps off the deck to see if that is any better.

Gosh, it’s like a maze in here.  How do I get to the other steps???

I don’t think it looks any better on this side, he says.  Where are the steps???

Jed comes out to encourage Truman to go down the steps. 

Truman turns back AGAIN!

You think it looks so easy, you go first!

I don’t have to go that bad.  I think I’ll hold it a little bit longer.  😉

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Irish Setter is a watercolor on paper measuring 12″x12″ and is available at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  It is part of the current show at BRAC.

Stop in at 305 East Main Street in Front Royal to see the new show.  It features 6 or 7 local artists with a variety of work.  It’s a nice show.  I have about 7 or 8 dog paintings in it. 

Stop in and let me know what you think.

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Laura’s Favorite View is an oil on 8″x10″ canvas panel and is available by contacting me.

I paint a great deal from photographs, especially during the winter months when it is difficult to get outside to paint.  This view is from a photo that one of my collectors sent to me recently.  She said that she has taken numerous shots of this particular scene.  It’s one that she enjoys seeing each time she drives by it. 

I love it when readers share their photos with me and give me permission to paint from them.  I am working on a second painting from the same photo as it has a barn in it and I wanted to do a painting with and without the barn.  Stay tuned for Laura’s Favorite View II.

Thursday Trivia revisits a    question we just recently answered.  Yesterday a record was set for the most expensive piece of art every sold at auction.  It is “Walking Man”, a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, a 20th Century Swiss artist.  It took just 8 minutes for 10 bidders at Sotheby’s to run the price up to $104.3 million! 

Walking Man is a life-size sculpture, 72 inches tall, of a wiry man walking along.  The part that amazes me most is that Sotheby’s estimated that it would sell for 12-16 million pounds and it actually went for 65 million!  I’d say they were off a little in their estimate.  🙂

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I thought with all the snow on the ground (again) that it might be nice to look forward to a warm day at the beach.  Today’s painting is called Building Clouds and is an oil on canvas panel measuring 10″x8″ and is SOLD

Enjoy the warm scene.

And as always, Wednesday is Art Class night.  Anyone interested in learning to paint please give me a call and come join us for a fun evening.

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From time to time I go through older paintings that I have stacked up in the studio and decide to rework a piece.  Mainly it involves taking a good look at the painting and deciding what it needs to make it better.

That is what happened with this one.  I started this one painting on location at a local vineyard.  It was about 80% finished when I brought it home and I just never did anything else to it.  So I decided it was time to get back to it.  🙂

Vineyard View is an oil on 16″x8″ canvas panel and is shown here framed.  It is available by contacting me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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Interlude in Old Holland Blue I is an acrylic abstract on 12″x12″ Gallery Wrap 1 1/2 inch canvas.  It is framed and available for $195 at Delilah’s on Main Street in Front Royal.


Interlude in Old Holland Blue II is an acrylic abstract on 12″x12″ Gallery Wrap 1 1/2 inch canvas.  It is framed and available for $195 at Delilah’s on Main Street in Front Royal.

These paintings may be purchased as a set at a 30% savings.

Many thanks again to everyone who added original art to their collections during the Winter Sale.  And don’t forget that the sale ends today.  Take a minute to review the posts for this past week and see if there are any pieces that you would like to add to your collection.  Thanks.

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