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Holiday Animals is always a fun session.  Just look at these beauties.

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Muletide.jpgWe celebrated the Muletide Season last night at The Studio as we painted the third in our Christmas Animals series.  These turned out GREAT!  Nice work everyone.

You can see the Flamingo here .

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Clarence II Clarence is a painting I did several years ago.  (See it here.)  He belongs to a friend and when she posted a photo of him on Facebook I asked her if I could paint from her photo.  I love the way he looks.  Well so does someone else because I was asked to paint him again.  This Clarence (#2) now lives in New Jersey.

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"Debbie's Clarence"

“Debbie’s Clarence”

Clarence's Reference Photo

Clarence’s Reference Photo

A friend posted a photo of Clarence on her Facebook page recently and I immediately sent her a message asking for permission to paint his portrait.  What a handsome guy!!!  I just love the way he looks.

“Clarence”, acrylic on canvas panel, 6″x8″.  Available by contacting kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

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