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20190806_204045.jpgBecause we have a small group painting this week, and all of them are veterans of Art Camp, we are moving right along in our plan to paint as many farm animals as possible.  Yesterday we completed two!  We had time on Monday to do the background for one so it made it easy to get an extra one done.  So now we have a goose (or duck) and a Rooster to add to our Farm Animal series.  Wonderful!


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2015-04-04 07 56 50_resized 2015-04-04 07 56 12_resizedEvery other Friday I teach art at The Village at Orchard Ridge in Winchester.  This week one of my students called to ask if she could bring her granddaughter who was visiting her to art class.  Of course!

And this little 4-year-old turned out to be a great little student.  She had so much fun painting the two little canvases I brought for her.  And didn’t she do a wonderful job.  She was so excited to show her parents.

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20150304_170349_resizedThe kids got to choose from a couple of subjects this week in class.  They did great!  Flamingos and a Duck!!!

Kids Painting Class is every Wednesday at 4:15.

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2015-02-25 19 43 56_resized At Kids Class we painted a swimming baby duck this week.  Look  at the great job these painters did on this one!

Kids Art Class is every Wednesday from 4:15-5:15 pm at The Studio.

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2014-05-15 21 46 49_resized McEtherons Duck JaseA few weeks ago a friend posted a photo of her duck, Jase, on Facebook.  I immediately asked her if we could paint the photo in our kids class and she gave us permission.

The kids did a great job painting Jase’s portrait.  Don’t you love it???  Good job everyone. I’ll bet Jase would like them.

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