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Path Through the Flowers

Having a few days off for the Independence Day holiday let me catch up on a few paintings that I have been wanting to do. This one is from a couple of photos that I took last year while out at Shenandoah River State Park.  “Path Through the Flowers” is an acrylic on canvas measuring 18″ x 14″ and is available at The Studio.  SOLD!


Coneflower Reference


White Daisy Reference

There are some lovely flower gardens around the Visitor Center at the Shenandoah River State Park and I got great reference photos.  You can see more photos here.

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I have spent the last few days trying to pull together about 35 paintings for an invitational show at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  I deliver the paintings today and they will hang through the holiday season. 

Joining me in the show is Terri Nicholson who also teaches art classes.  We were asked to  show many of the demonstration pieces that we have done for our classes.  The great thing about these paintings is that they sell at lower prices because we generally don’t spend as much time on them as we do a painting that we work on in our studios.  But they are still wonderful original pieces of art…and they are really affordable.

So stop by the Blue Ridge Arts Council and see the show.

Bee on Coneflower, oil, 6×6, $125.

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