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Now that the weather is getting cooler it’s time to pull out those crochet hooks and get busy. Crocheting is a great hobby and so versatile. You can make blankets, scarves, slippers, baby clothes, sweaters, and on and on! If you would like to learn to crochet click here for more information.

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Hexagons in Crochet

wp-1580911231060.jpgDo you start projects that you sometimes don’t get back to finishing for a year or two?  Well I do!!!  This is one of them.  Last January (2019) when I was cat sitting for some friends I took this yarn to work on while watching TV with Peanut and Clyde. Don’t you love those names?  Well, fast forward to January 2020 and I was cat sitting again and remembered what I had worked on so I pulled it out this week and pieced it together.  I really like the look.  Glad to finish it …. finally!  Now on to other projects sitting in the closet.

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Temp blanket thru march.jpgI am catching up on the crocheted Temperature Blanket.  It’s coming along and you can really see the temperature changes now.  The strange weather we have been having from really warm days in golds and reds to drops in temperatures the next day in greens and blues really shows up.    I’m having fun with this.  Hope yours is coming along too.  And remember if you didn’t start in January you can always begin now (Find info on how here) and backtrack to January or just make yours an April – March blanket.  It will be beautiful!

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"Sunny Day at the Dog Park"

“Sunny Day at the Dog Park”

"Under the Sea"

“Under the Sea”

The last few weeks I have been working on these little theme blankets.  They are crocheted with crochet appliques on them.  The first one has three little dogs with a tree and sun.  The second features a sailboat with a school of fish, octopus and starfish.  These would be great for a little person!  They can be seen at Delilah’s on Main Street.

UPDATE:  “Under the Sea” sold today!  5/30/14

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