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wp-1483529016772.jpgIt’s done!  We finished the temperature blanket yesterday.  Boy was that a project….lots of fun but it did require determination to finish.  I used single crochet for the majority of blanket but I did do a double crochet – chain one to separate the months.  I also used a bobble/popcorn stitch on the snow days.  I love how it turned out….but it is really long!  I will probably turn up the bottom and stitch the sides to create a pocket for my feet since I plan to use it as a lap throw.  Now to decide what to do for 2017…maybe a scarf!

wp-1483529016765.jpgClick here to read the original Temperature Blanket post and to get the instructions and chart for starting one for yourself this year.

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20160920_215212.jpgOnce again the Temperature Blanket is up-to-date.  It’s getting really long.  I may make a change in the design to widen it out over the last three months.  I do like how it’s coming along though.

For more information on Temperature Blankets click here.

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20160503_081245Here’s an update on the Temperature Blanket.  We are a third of the way through the year.  I’m loving the way it’s turning out.  How is yours coming along?  Never too late to start.

Click here for info on how to make a Temperature Blanket.  

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Temp blanket thru march.jpgI am catching up on the crocheted Temperature Blanket.  It’s coming along and you can really see the temperature changes now.  The strange weather we have been having from really warm days in golds and reds to drops in temperatures the next day in greens and blues really shows up.    I’m having fun with this.  Hope yours is coming along too.  And remember if you didn’t start in January you can always begin now (Find info on how here) and backtrack to January or just make yours an April – March blanket.  It will be beautiful!

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Crochet Temp Blanket JanuaryI had gotten so far behind on my crocheted temperature blanket.  I spent time Sunday trying to catch up.  This photo is “January”.

Remember that the temperature blanket is crocheted in rows that correspond to a key that indicates the temperature for each day.  Read more about it here.  Part of the reason I fell behind is that I didn’t like the back loop single crochet stitch that I was doing so I ripped out what I had started (you can see the start in the link above) and started over  just using a plain single crochet. I used a Bobble stitch on the day we had the big snow.   I am much happier with it now.  Maybe by tomorrow I will have  February’s rows finished.  See it’s not too late to start your own.

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wp-1453546813333.jpgA “HOT” (pun intended) idea flying around the internet right now for crocheters and knitters is a temperature blanket. It’s a really “COOL” (there I go again) idea.

Here’s the concept: Choose 8-12 colors of yarn in a weight that you like. Choose a pattern that you like. One with a small stitch would be best since you are going to be crocheting one row for every day of the year. Then based on the high temperature for the day you will use the color assigned to that temp to crochet a row in your blanket. Fun, huh?!

Here is the start of mine.  Want more information to do yours (it’s never too late to start) then click here for the chart  and instructions.

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