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wp-1595357346453.jpgYesterday we painted a Cezanne Still Life.  These girls are doing great and having so much fun learning about different artists!

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wp-1584357535141.jpgWe LOVE Expressionism!  We LOVE these paintings we have been doing with bright colors.  The choice of colors combinations makes it that much more fun.  Just look at these beauties!  Nice work ladies.  So glad you are loving these as much as I am.  The next session is on April 5th.  Click here for more info.

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Square Pear II is an acrylic on gallery wrap canvas measuring 6″x6″.   I continued the “Square Pear” series by doing three of these small ones.  (The larger one was posted on Friday.)

Each of these follows the same compositional element of the first but in different views.

This is how the series looks hanging together vertically.  These are available individually for $75 each or the set of three for $195.

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