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Geraniums 2Another version of Geraniums that we recently painted at a party.


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Reen's Birthday.jpgWe had a delightful group of ladies at The Studio last night celebrating Reen’s Birthday.  What a fun way to mark your special day!  And everyone leaves with a gift…a beautiful painting.  Nice work everyone.

If you’d like to plan a private party with your friends contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  We’ll help you set up a fabulous event.

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Fall gets us all in the mood to paint fall scenes.  Lauren painted Pumpkin Pie and Logan painted a small pumpkin.  Marvelous!  And the kid’s class painted Geraniums.  Looking good!

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This week at our regular weekly art classes we had several painters finish the pieces.  And they all did great work!  I love that at our weekly classes each painter is working on whatever they like….I get to see some wonderful art that way.  We have Nancy with her Geraniums from a photo taken on a trip; Cecilia and her elephants; and Catherine with her daughter’s Boxer.  Beautiful work ladies!

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CAM07564A few days ago I posted Geraniums in the Window (see it here) and said that I needed to touch it up a little  more.  I did that last night.  I darkened the shadow under the window and added some texture to the wall.  Also, I hit the flowers with a little more light.  Now it’s finished.

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IMG_20140405_222838I got a good start on this Geranium sitting in the window sill this past week.  I haven’t been able to complete it yet but hopefully I will find some time in the next few days and then I can show you a finished painting.   For all my painting students – can you see what’s missing?  Maybe a shadow under the window ledge?  And some weathering on the walls.  Heavier shadowing on the window frame…..and on and on.  😉

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CAM07238 CAM07240

First Saturday Paint Party - April 5th

First Saturday Paint Party – April 5th

The best thing about Paint Parties is that you never have had to paint before to turn out a wonderful piece of art.  We work in a “paint-along” method where I demonstrate step-by-step what you do.  Step 1 – the Background and Shadows;  Step 2 –  the pot and leaves; and finally the flowers.

This is how we will do it this Saturday at the Paint Party.  It couldn’t be easier.  Come join us sometime and create your own beautiful painting.  You can learn more about Paint Parties by clicking here.

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