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20171216_1859321633706935.jpgMany art students have been working on Christmas gifts over the last few weeks.  Kelly just finished this one and couldn’t wait to give it so I can share it with you now.  Nice work girl!

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rudolphHere’s Rudolph!  He’s made of paper and paint just like our Frosty the Snowman piece we recently posted.  (See it here.)

Be sure to register here for the Snowman class coming up on Tuesday, November 15th.

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There are the cutest twins in our neighborhood.  Jed and I see them daily when we take our early morning walk.  A few days ago I caught this shot of them with their mom in front of my neighbor, Clara’s house.  She waters early and they like the morning drink.

They, along with about a dozen other deer, we see on a regular basis in the yard.  It’s sad that they don’t have a better place to live.  I’m worried that the little ones will get hit by a car driving by.  Hopefully people will be on the lookout for them.

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