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Subject for Painting Lane to Sassafras Farm

Subject for Painting Lane to Sassafras Farm

Lane to Sassafras Farm

Lane to Sassafras Farm

I had a couple of free hours Saturday morning before teaching the workshop so I set up my easel and painted a little view of the lane that leads to Sassafras Farm.  With all the bad weather we have had this year this is the first time I have had an opportunity to paint outside.   Lane to Sassafras Farm, acrylic on canvas panel, 6″x8″, available for $95 (unframed).

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Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to paint at Glen Manor Winery on the Browntown Road out from Front Royal.  It’s lovely out there. 

Painting on location, or en Plein Air, is different from any other kind of painting.  First you must have different equipment.  Then you have to narrow down the subject.  That is often the most difficult part for painters. 

And usually you get to a point, about 85% complete, where you have to stop and then complete the painting back in the studio. 

This is where I got with this piece yesterday.  Now I will work it a little more to finish it out.

And in the meantime I will think about lovely Glen Manor and try to find a time to return soon to paint another lovely scene.

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Yesterday I had a great day painting at the Shenandoah River with two painters who wanted to give plein-air painting a try.

It’s not as easy as you would think.  It takes some planning just to get the equipment to the location and set it up.

Luckily we had a great spot down by the boat landing.  We were lucky to have a picnic table, a trash can and even a porta-potty!  That’s a big deal for plein air painters.  🙂

Jeff looks like he’s been doing this all his life.  And he really got into it.

And here is Mary Lou, who was thrilled to be painting outdoors.

It was fun to see these two fine artists exploring a new aspect to their painting.

River View to the South, oil on canvas panel, 11″x14″   (SOLD)is the first piece I worked on that morning.  I got a splendid start and plan to finish it in the next week or so.  And it’s already spoken for, so that’s good news!

And this is the reference photo for that painting.

I had time to start a second painting but didn’t get quite as far along on it before the sun got to high for the light to work for us.  Just as I got it laid in a boat pulled up with two guys fishing so I put them in the painting.

This is the shot I took of them.  Glad I added them into my painting because one of the wives of the fisherman pulled up to give them lunch (they were fishing in a tournament) and she yelled up to me, “Are you painting my husband fishing?”  Of course I said yes, and she picked up a card and emailed me later in the day to say she’d like to buy it for him for father’s day.

All in all, it was a perfect day for painting.  I helped two great students explore outdoor painting;  I have two sold paintings; and I got to spend the morning with Breezy (Jeff’s dog who came to help us paint)!

An excellent morning.

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I was away for  the 4th of July weekend in West Virginia painting.  I remembered to take a series of photos while I worked so you could see the progress.

This was the view.


The set-up and a start to the painting.


This is my helper….Jed.  He spends most of his “painting” time running and chasing the deer and bunnies away so they don’t bother me.  Isn’t he helpful????!!!!!


And below is the painting about 90% complete.  When I get back to the studio I generally make a few minor changes to a

painting that I have done on location.

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