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20160123_161947-1Still snowed in so I did much more crocheting yesterday.  A “Cat Bowl” for LuLu…and a couple of hats for me!  (Bear modeled them for you to see!)


Started a really cute scarf that I hope to share tomorrow.

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wpid-wp-1445004640272.jpg wpid-wp-1445004640709.jpgWhen the weather cools I get in the mood to crochet.  So I cleaned out a bag of yarn scraps and decided to make a few things that I can donate to the Animal Shelter.  These are “Cat Bowls”.  LOL  At least I hope that cats might like to lay in these little bowls/baskets.  And since I didn’t have a cat to try it out I took a  photo with my sock dog.  You get the idea.





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