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20180920_195228.jpgFor several years now the Davita Team has come to The Studio to paint together.  It is a great team building exercise for people who work together.  This year they each painted a section of this wonderful mural that will hang at their work place.  Terrific work!  If you have a group that would like to do a Team Building project contact Kelly at kwalker@thestudioforlearning.com .

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The team from the Davita office in Front Royal came to The Studio yesterday for a Team Building project.  They selected a fall scene that they painted.  Each person painted one canvas that was assembled to become a beautiful painting that they will display at their office.  Terrific!!!

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We spent yesterday afternoon working with the enthusiastic faculty and staff of Gesher Jewish Day School in Fairfax painting a team building “mural” that will hang in their school.  The group was divided into nine teams that painted canvases using written directions and communication with the other teams.

These canvases will be put together to make one large mural painting that will be on display.  And each participant will get a print of the completed work to keep.  Their landscape painting of a bridge (Gesher means Bridge) turned out great!  Nice work everyone.  You worked well together.  Thanks to Head of School, Dan Finkel, for inviting us to work with you all. We know you’ll have a terrific school year.

NOTE:   If you have a group interested in a team building event check out more information here.

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I got to spend a couple of hours with some of the American Woodmark team painting a mural that will go to their new headquarters.  It was an awesome experience…and they did a terrific job.  Just take a look!

If you are interested in a Team Building experience click here.

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Remember a few weeks ago The River 95.3 held a Team Building exercise at The Studio?  (Click here to see it.)

Well, yesterday was phase 2…that is where I deliver the joined painting to them along with a print for each participant.  They were excited to see it  come in and helped with the hanging of the painting.  Nice work everyone.  It looks great!!!

You can find more information on Team Building here.

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TB Rivver 2TB Rivver 1We had an enthusiastic group at The Studio last night for a Corporate Team Building exercise.  Our friends from The River 95.3  in Front Royal came together to paint this wonderful image of “The River” which will hang at their Studio on Elm Street. Each person had  one section to complete and by communicating and working together they were able to turn their one little section into a fabulous large painting that looks GREAT!!!!  Just look at how awesome it turned out.

Nice work everyone….and thanks for the laughs.  I have never worked with a group where almost every time I used a word or two or a phrase to describe a part of what were to do someone in the group would break into lyrics of a song that related to it.  Radio people…you all are so much fun!

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Yesterday was busy for The Studio.  Art Camp in the morning had the campers painting a beautiful Monet inspired sailboat.  The kids did a fabulous job on this one.  And we even had a little time left to explore palette knife painting.  We pack a LOT into just three hours in the morning at camp.

As soon as camp ended we loaded up the supplies and rushed out to the Shenandoah River State Park to hold a Paint Party for Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions Team.  They painted a wonderful view from the park of a road that leads to the River.  Even a huge impending storm couldn’t dampen our spirits.  This enthusiastic group was a joy with which to  paint.  Thanks everyone!   Check out more about “Team Building” here.  

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