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TB Rivver 2TB Rivver 1We had an enthusiastic group at The Studio last night for a Corporate Team Building exercise.  Our friends from The River 95.3  in Front Royal came together to paint this wonderful image of “The River” which will hang at their Studio on Elm Street. Each person had  one section to complete and by communicating and working together they were able to turn their one little section into a fabulous large painting that looks GREAT!!!!  Just look at how awesome it turned out.

Nice work everyone….and thanks for the laughs.  I have never worked with a group where almost every time I used a word or two or a phrase to describe a part of what were to do someone in the group would break into lyrics of a song that related to it.  Radio people…you all are so much fun!

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Chamber of Commerce's Women in the Know

Chamber of Commerce’s Women in the Know

The Chamber of Commerce’s “Women in the  Know” gather every quarter to network and learn.  Last night they painted.  And they painted some wonderful fall river scenes.  Great job everyone!

Paint Parties are great way to bring people together.  Learn more about how to schedule a Paint Party for your friends and family here.  

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