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20180625_180521-1.jpgWe started Modern Art Camp week for young painters ages 8-13 yesterday.  We have such an exciting week planned.  Our first painting featured Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Peach and Glass” from 1927.  The kids did an amazing job on this one.  And they even had time to create a little bonus painting of a donut with sprinkles!  If you have a young person, ages 5-13, that is interested in painting be sure to check out this page with the schedule for this summer’s art camp sessions.  They’ll love it! 20180625_180725.jpg

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20170718_060313Yesterday at Art Camp we talked about Mark Rothko and created a Color Block painting.  This session of camp is Modern Art Camp so we will be looking at several different styles of modern painting.  These young artists did a great job.

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Hopper Table for Ladies Image There is so much to see at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as I have been sharing over the last few days, that it’s hard to know where to look.  I narrowed down my time there to some galleries I have never had a chance to visit.  One was the “Modern Art” galleries.

I found two Edward Hopper paintings there that were interesting in that they showed the range of his subject matter.  The first is called “Tables for Ladies, painted in 1930, oil on canvas.  It is a good example of the observations he made of everyday life. 

Hopper Small Office ImageThe second one is “Office in a Small City”  painted in 1953, oil on canvas.  He often painted solitary figures that seemed emotionally detached from other people or their surroundings.  This is a good example.  You can learn more about Hopper by clicking here.

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