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20180625_180521-1.jpgWe started Modern Art Camp week for young painters ages 8-13 yesterday.  We have such an exciting week planned.  Our first painting featured Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Peach and Glass” from 1927.  The kids did an amazing job on this one.  And they even had time to create a little bonus painting of a donut with sprinkles!  If you have a young person, ages 5-13, that is interested in painting be sure to check out this page with the schedule for this summer’s art camp sessions.  They’ll love it! 20180625_180725.jpg


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I’ve been sharing work by the Art Campers this week but did you know we have regular weekly art classes at The Studio where adults and kid produce beautiful art.  Adults paint their choice of subjects and I help them achieve their painting goals while kids do paint alongs each week producing a beautiful work of art.  This week Lauren painted a cute little painting of her pup, Andy in the Wednesday evening class. And Brenda completed a lovely painting she’s been working on a few weeks in our Wednesday morning class.  And the Thursday kids painted DONUTS!!!!!  Their favorites!  Why not join us?  Click here for more information.

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