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Painted Kicks 2 Painted Kicks 1Last night at The Studio we had such a fun with a creative group for the “Painted Kicks” class.  And everyone left with fabulous new shoes to wear that show off their personalities.

Great work everyone!  You can see what is going on at The Studio by clicking here.

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Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Royals

Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City Royals

The World Series is underway with San Francisco and Kansas City.

San Francisco Giants AT&T Park

San Francisco Giants
AT&T Park

The Painted Diamonds series of paintings is currently on display at the Community Center on Villa Avenue.

20141022_092704“Painted Diamonds – 30 Parks in 30 Weeks”, created a painting of every major league ball park, all thirty of them, between April and October 2013. The project was documented and published in a catalog as well as on Kelly’s blog.  There was an exhibition of the entire series at the Blue Ridge Arts Council in Front Royal, VA, during World Series Week, October 23-31, 2013.   Eleven of the original paintings were pre-sold  during the Kickstarter project and several more have sold since the original show.

The paintings will remain on display at the Community Center until the end of October.  The remaining original paintings as well as prints of every park are available for purchase.

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Kickstarter At Work The last few weeks I have been feeling a lot of pressure to finish the last few ball park paintings in the Kickstarter Painted Diamonds project.  There are only a few more to go.  What I did this past week was start several and work on parts of each every day.  I find this is more interesting at this point in the project.  Yesterday was spent painting, painting, painting.  And that is the plan for this weekend too!

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I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that everyone embraced my Kickstarter project with such enthusiasm.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kickstart successkickstarter-badge-funded

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Fenway in the Making

Fenway in the Making

Just nine days left to get my Painted Diamonds project funded on Kickstarter.com .  We are at 89% of our goal.  Kickstarter is all or nothing so I have got to get to 100% for the project to go.  If you haven’t looked yet and pledged please click here and go to my project click the green button and make a pledge.  I really need your help!

I am about half way done with Boston’s Fenway Park – the Green Monster in the making!  This is the third in the series of 30 that I am painting.

So please pledge.  You can pledge anywhere from $1.  And every pledge helps me make the goal.  Thanks!

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Camden Yards 95 percentSpent most of yesterday afternoon working on the painting of Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  This is an acrylic on 18″x24″ canvas.  It is the second in the series of Major League Baseball’s parks that is part of my Kickstarter project – Painted Diamonds.  I have less than two weeks now to get the project funded.  Click here to learn more and to pledge.  Thanks!

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Camden Yards in the making

I have just 17 days to go for my Kickstarter Project to get funded and it’s at 71% this morning.  Many thanks to everyone who has already pledged to make the project work.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   I am so anxious to do this project and really want to get it funded.  Many people have congratulated me on the project and asked about it and have told me they are not familiar with Kickstarter. Click here to see my project.   Here is a little more about how Kickstarter works:

Kickstarter is a way for creative people to get projects funded.  You go to the site and read about a project then click on the green button and make a pledge at the level you wish to help.  As you read about the project you see that you get rewards for different levels of pledges.  So choose your reward and make a pledge.  You can help by pledging as little as $1 and every bit adds up to get to the goal of 100%.  I must get to 100% for the project to work.  Anything less than that and the pledges will NOT be collected.  So I’m asking you PLEASE make a pledge today.  Help me with this project.  As far as we can find no one has ever painted all 30 Baseball Parks and certainly not in 30 weeks.  Help make me the first.  Thanks so much for your consideration and I’d appreciate it if you share this with your friends by clicking the Facebook or other share buttons below this post.  Thanks again.

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Nats Park 95%

Nationals Park
Washington Nationals

The painting of Nationals Park is about 95% finished.  It is the first in the series of 30 Major League Baseball parks I am painting as part of my Kickstarter Project.  If you haven’t looked at my project PLEASE take a minute to look and pledge to make the project a reality.  Thanks!

Now back to the painting.  I often get questions about the process of finishing a painting.  The way I work is that I get a painting to a point where I feel like it’s done and then I hang it and live with it so that I can look at it for a while.  That way I can see if there is anything that I want to tweak.  Maybe there is something that needs to be made stronger or maybe there is something that needs eliminating in order for the  painting to work.  With this one I am at the “living with it stage”.  Now on to paint Orioles Field at Camden Yards.

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Nationals Park Almost Finished

Nationals Park about 80% done!

 Since I announced the launch of my Kickstarter project (Painted Diamonds -30 Ball Parks in 30 Weeks) a few days ago I have gotten many questions from people who are new to Kickstarter that I would like to try to help clear up here. 

First I want to say thank you so much to the people who have already pledged to support my project. (There is a running list of backers in a box on the right side of my blog.)  It’s humbling and exciting at the same time.  Many thanks!  You can read about the project by clicking here which will take you to Kickstarter. 

Question 1:  What is Kickstarter?  Kickstarter is a website that started about 4 years ago as a platform to help creative people get projects funded.  According to the Kickstarter website, creative works were funded this way for centuries.  Mozart, Beethoven, Whitman, Twain, and other artists funded works in similar ways — not just with help from large patrons, but by soliciting money from smaller patrons, often called subscribers. In return for their support, these subscribers might have received an early copy or special edition of the work. Kickstarter is an extension of this model, turbocharged by the web.

Question 2:  How does it work?  Every project on Kickstarter is submitted by an artist/musician/videographer and then approved if it meets the guidelines.  Every project must be described in detail and must offer rewards for pledges just as centuries ago artists rewarded their subscribers.  The project may remain on Kickstarter for 1-60 days for pledges.

Question 3:  What is a pledge?  A pledge is the amount of money a backer (subscriber) is willing to give to see the project come to life and for the reward that is offered.  Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” proposition.  If the project gets pledges of 100% or more of the goal then the backers are charged for their pledges.  If the project doesn’t make it to 100% then no money or rewards are exchanged.

Questions 4:  How can you help?  This is the beauty of Kickstarter.  You can help an artist realize the goal of a large project by pledging as little as $1.  And all those dollars add up – fast!  Creative projects are expensive and for those of us who are making a living with our art we have had a very difficult time these last few years with this economy so this is a way for us to continue to mount larger shows and series or projects with the help of friends who appreciate the arts.  The second way to help is to share this with your friends.  The more people who see this the better chance I have of making this project a reality.  And I would REALLY appreciate it.

So I am asking for your help.  Please click here and go to my project page on Kickstarter and pledge to back my project.  Remember you can pledge as little as $1 and it’s all or nothing funding.  If my project gets pledges to 100% then your account will be charged at the end of the funding period which is May 7th. 

Thank you so much for considering my project and thanks so much to everyone for continuing to support my art.

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nationals park painting I am so excited and so scared at the same time. I launched a Kickstarter project last night so the clock is ticking to make it work. My project is “Painted Diamonds – 30 Ball Parks in 30 Weeks“. I plan to paint every major league ball park between now and the World Series. You can click here to see the project.
If you are new to Kickstarter take a look. They promote their site as a new way to fund creativity. They only accept creative projects. An artist lays out the project, writes it up and submits it for approval. If approved, it launches on the Kickstarter website for the world to see and hopefully to fund.
Funding is all or nothing. If the project doesn’t reach its goal then no money is exchanged. And for whatever amount is pledged a reward is offered.
It sounds confusing but it really is not. Please take a look. I’m asking all my friends and followers to please share this post with your friends. The more people who see it the better chance I have of making it happen.  I’ll be updating you as the month goes on.  I’ll try not to bore you with it but I want to keep you posted on my progress. 
So here we go. I have a month to get the word out. Thanks for your help and consideration.

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