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Kickstarter At Work The last few weeks I have been feeling a lot of pressure to finish the last few ball park paintings in the Kickstarter Painted Diamonds project.  There are only a few more to go.  What I did this past week was start several and work on parts of each every day.  I find this is more interesting at this point in the project.  Yesterday was spent painting, painting, painting.  And that is the plan for this weekend too!

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I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that everyone embraced my Kickstarter project with such enthusiasm.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Camden Yards in the making

I have just 17 days to go for my Kickstarter Project to get funded and it’s at 71% this morning.  Many thanks to everyone who has already pledged to make the project work.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   I am so anxious to do this project and really want to get it funded.  Many people have congratulated me on the project and asked about it and have told me they are not familiar with Kickstarter. Click here to see my project.   Here is a little more about how Kickstarter works:

Kickstarter is a way for creative people to get projects funded.  You go to the site and read about a project then click on the green button and make a pledge at the level you wish to help.  As you read about the project you see that you get rewards for different levels of pledges.  So choose your reward and make a pledge.  You can help by pledging as little as $1 and every bit adds up to get to the goal of 100%.  I must get to 100% for the project to work.  Anything less than that and the pledges will NOT be collected.  So I’m asking you PLEASE make a pledge today.  Help me with this project.  As far as we can find no one has ever painted all 30 Baseball Parks and certainly not in 30 weeks.  Help make me the first.  Thanks so much for your consideration and I’d appreciate it if you share this with your friends by clicking the Facebook or other share buttons below this post.  Thanks again.

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