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Completed painting of "Stacy's Tree"

Completed painting of “Stacy’s Tree”

Reference Photo for Stacy's Tree

Reference Photo for Stacy’s Tree

I took a short break yesterday from painting Ball Parks to paint one of my favorite trees in my neighborhood.  I have taken several photos of this Weeping Cherry over the years thinking I would paint it and just never took the time.  But yesterday I made myself paint it because I want to give it to Stacy, whose tree it is.  Stacy was a life saver to me a few weeks ago when I couldn’t walk because of my knee.  She’s a physical therapist and wonderful neighbor.  On the day that my knee pain was the worst and I didn’t know what to do she took out time from walking Willie, her cattle dog, to look at my problem; talk me through what I should do; and even went home and brought back crutches for me to use.  And then over the course of the next several weeks while I was hobbling around she checked on me to make sure I was making good progress.  She was such a BIG help and made me feel as if I were not going crazy.  So today when I return her crutches I wanted to give her something to say thanks.  I thought this little painting might be good.   I call it Stacy’s Tree. It’s an acrylic on canvas measuring 6″x8″.

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Miller Park Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park
Milwaukee Brewers

 Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is number 25 in the series of 30.  And it has a retractable roof.   The left field corner features Bernie’s Dugout, where the Brewers mascot, Bernie Brewer resides.  At the beginning of the game, after every Brewers home run, and if the Brewers win, fireworks go off and Bernie slides down his slide.

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"Virginia Wine" complete

“Virginia Wine” complete

Step 1 - A sketch and laying in the sky

Step 1 – A sketch and laying in the sky

Step 2 - Adding distance with mountains and meadow

Step 2 – Adding distance with mountains and meadow

Step 3 - Adding middle distance - vineyards

Step 3 – Adding middle distance – vineyards

Step 4 - Adding the foreground - a table and glass

Step 4 – Adding the foreground – a table and glass

I did this painting that I call Virginia Wine for a special request this week.  It is an acrylic on 6″ x 8″ canvas.

As I painted it I tried to take photos because several of you have told me that you enjoy seeing how the paintings develop.  So here you are:

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Mamie's First Day Home

Mamie’s First Day Home

Mamie Eisenhower Walker

Mamie Eisenhower Walker all cleaned up

We are wishing a Happy 1 year Anniversary today to Mamie.  It was one year ago that we adopted her.  She came in and immediately took over our life and hearts.  What a little sweetie.  Mamie with Boys 1 in Window

Wrestling with brother Lincoln

Wrestling with brother Lincoln

Fall Walk with Brothers

Fall Walk with Brothers

Posing with brother Jed

Posing with brother Jed

So I thought we would share some of the many images of Mamie Eisenhower Walker.  We love this little girl!   This link will take you to Mamie’s album on Facebook where you can see many more photos of this sweet girl over the course of this past year.  And of course, I have painted her and you can see that here.

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Coors Field Colorado Rockies

Coors Field
Colorado Rockies

 Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, in Denver, Colorado features a center field bleacher area known as the “Rock Pile”.  And the seats beginning at Row 20 on the Upper Deck are purple indicating the city’s one mile elevation point.

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Sponsor We were proud to help sponsor the United Ways Shrimp, Oyster, and BBQ Fundraiser last night.  The food was delicious and auction great fun.  It was delightful to see so many friends gather together for a great cause.  I’m glad Kelly Walker Studios and Delilah’s Art and Gifts could be a part of it.

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Kickstarter At Work The last few weeks I have been feeling a lot of pressure to finish the last few ball park paintings in the Kickstarter Painted Diamonds project.  There are only a few more to go.  What I did this past week was start several and work on parts of each every day.  I find this is more interesting at this point in the project.  Yesterday was spent painting, painting, painting.  And that is the plan for this weekend too!

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Kids with Kloe Sonjas new kittyOne of the things I love about Facebook is all the terrific photos that my friends post…especially those of their pets.  And I am lucky that my friends are kind enough to give me permission to paint from their photos when I ask.  That happened this week with my friend Sonja and her new kitten Kloe.  She posted this adorable photo of Kloe looking out the window and the kids class painted her yesterday.  GREAT job everyone!  I love it.

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Paint Party Idea 2 Paint Party IdeaI have been offering private Paint Parties to groups for some time now.  And boy, are they fun!  Now you have an opportunity to attend a Paint Party without having to put your own group together.  On the first Saturday of each month from 4-6:30 p.m. we will have a Paint Party at the Blue Ridge Arts Council in Front Royal.  All you need to do is make a reservation by contacting kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .  These parties are for everyone, whether you have painted before or not.  All supplies are provided.  And at the end of the party you will have a beautiful work of art as well as some new friends.  So invite some friends and come join me for a Paint Party on October 5th from 4-7.  Cost just $30.  These are some samples of what we will be doing at the first party.  It’s a Floral Paint Party!

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Marlins Park Miami Marlins

Marlins Park
Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins Park is number 23 in the Painted Diamonds series.  The retractable-roof building is air-conditioned, with separate, retractable glass walls beyond the fences. This engineering provides fans with uninterrupted views of downtown Miami while offering relief from Miami’s intense heat, humidity, and frequent rain during the Summer. It is also designed to withstand strong hurricanes.  A 75-foot home run sculpture behind center field lights up and animates when the home team hits one.

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