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Casper, Spice and the Sheep Field

Barnyard with Variety of Animals

Chicken by Linda Kusior

The Goat Yard with Baby Goats


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Got to paint outdoors in this beautiful weather this weekend out at the cabin.  I got a great start on a piece but when I got home yesterday and wanted to put finishing touches on it I realized that I had left it there.  So maybe I can finish it up in a few weeks. 

And this is what the helpers do while I paint.  What would I do without them?  🙂

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Dogs Gone Wild!

I write a lot about Lincoln because he is usually misbehaving so I have more stories about his antics so I wanted to lead with Jed in this post.  He’s a handsome guy and so good.  He had fun at the cabin last weekend running and stretching and rolling in the grass.

Max came to visit so he chased Lincoln and gave him some really good exercise.



Max loves Lincoln and follows him everywhere.  They are so cute playing.

It worried me when Max chased him around the pond because Lincoln can’t swim….legs too short to hold up that long body.

Max wore himself out running and playing but he couldn’t give it up.  He would fall asleep with the ball still in his mouth.  So funny!


And this is what my boys looked like after Max and his mom left to go home.  Two tired pups!

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Pooped Pups

Pooped pups just home from the cabin this morning.  They have been out there a hundred times and still have not learned to pace themselves!  🙂


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  Suzanne’s Scarecrow, acrylic on panel, 6″x8″, $135.  This is another in the farm animal series that I started a few years ago thanks to Chicken’s in the Road’s Suzanne McMinn.  She has a terrific blog; check it out.  And she takes fabulous photos of her animals and has graciously allowed me to use them as inspiration for this series.  Thanks again Suzanne.  We all love your babies!

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After a delightfully restful weekend at the cabin, I came home with loads of plums, all very ripe and ready for jelly.

I love making jelly as it reminds me of both of my grandmothers.  Granny had some of the best plum trees in her yard and so did Big Mama.  They both made jelly and I learned much from them both.

You can see more about the process here from a post I made a few years ago during my jelly making.  Last night I made 15 jars and have enough juice squeezed to make about that much more!

I love the equipment you use to make jelly especially the little funnel cup in the lower right of the photo that belonged to Big Mama.  🙂

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Relaxing Weekend

Spent a relaxing weekend at the cabin.  No painting, no planning for art classes, no nothing but reading and hiking with the boys.


They loved it too.  Jed and Lincoln have chunked up lately because we haven’t been able to go out there to hike. 

We all got a jump-start on our exercise plan this weekend.

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All the while we are painting the huge mural with all the farm animals in the middle of the room for Suzanne McMinn we are also working on a few little side paintings. 

This is Sugar, one of the 10 or so cats that live at the farm.  She is just too cute.







And this is Beulah Petunia, the milk cow.  She is painted on the wall leading out to where her pen is and where she gets milked.  If you could see through the window on the door you would see her out there.



And if you ever watched Suzanne milk “BP” you would understand the reasoning for this composition.  She puts a bucket of corn and grain in front of her and she continuously eats while Suzanne milks her.  The chickens come from all around because BP drops some of the corn and they want it too!





Linda painted this nice vignette above the stove.  It really adds so much to the kitchen area.  Great job Linda!







And here are Linda and I with our host, Suzanne. 

I think Suzanne really loved the final result, especially her beloved BP!

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As promised yesterday I am going to tell you about our Sunday dog visitor.  I was in the cabin reading and looked out the window to check on the boys barking and I see a tail sticking up from the bank of the pond.  And I think that dang Lincoln is in the water again after I just bathed him!!!  But then I realize that Lincoln and Jed are both standing on the bank and the tail is still sticking up and that is what they are barking at.  Turns out to be a cute little chocolate lab puppy.  She had on a collar and a tag but no name, just a rabies tag. 

So I go in the cabin to try to call the Sheriff’s Department in Moorefield to see if they can look up the name of the owner when I hear voices outside.  I think,  Aha!  the owner is here.  But it was a neighbor from on the hill.  Luckily, he recognized the dog and knew who it belonged to.  She had come from the other end of the farm, about a mile and a half away.  He took her back to her home but not before Lincoln and Jed got to sniff and run and play with her for a while.

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Fun Weekend with Max!

Just got back from a fun weekend at the cabin with one of my painting buddies, Susan, and her latest addition, Max.  He was rescued from our shelter by Susan’s family.  Aren’t they lucky???!!!!

Jed and Lincoln and Max all got along great.  But it was Lincoln that Max enjoyed playing with most.

Thanks Susan for rescuing this great little guy.  He’s going to be a wonderful addition to  your family.

A Pile of Pups!!! 

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