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After a delightfully restful weekend at the cabin, I came home with loads of plums, all very ripe and ready for jelly.

I love making jelly as it reminds me of both of my grandmothers.  Granny had some of the best plum trees in her yard and so did Big Mama.  They both made jelly and I learned much from them both.

You can see more about the process here from a post I made a few years ago during my jelly making.  Last night I made 15 jars and have enough juice squeezed to make about that much more!

I love the equipment you use to make jelly especially the little funnel cup in the lower right of the photo that belonged to Big Mama.  🙂

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It’s plum time again.  Last week while at the cabin, the boys and I walked past the plum trees everyday and when we got ready to leave we picked enough to make jelly.

I enjoy making jelly and jams and plum is one of my favorites.  I posted the process when I made jelly last year.  You can see it here.  (You can even see Truman in the final picture.  We miss him.)

Now to paint the picture….

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Loaded with Plums

Loaded with Plums

The trees out at the cabin were loaded with plums this year.  There is a long row of trees along a road where we walked in the mornings there.  I’ve watched them grow all summer.  And finally…..








Plum Jelly 2I picked them.







Plum Jelly 1And washed them.








Plum Jelly 3And cooked the pitted plums with a cup of water to get all that good juice going.








Plum Jelly 4And once the cooked plums cooled a little, I squeezed the wonderful plum juice.








Plum Jelly 5And then back into the pot the juice goes with sugar and Sure Jell.  I’ve used Sure Jell for years and it always makes great jelly. Just follow their directions.








Plum Jelly 6Ladle the cooked jelly into the prepared jars…






Plum Jelly 7

The jars go into the pot of hot water for several minutes to finish off the cooking process.






Plum Jelly 8And then you have the finished product ready to share with friends.  (Notice Truman, always in the background, giving instructions.)

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