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A Little Vineyard

Vineyard 1Painted this little vineyard scene recently…part of what I’m doing for an upcoming show.

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Rap PP 1The Paint Party at Rappahannock Cellars was a huge success last night.  With 65 painters it is the largest paint party we have ever held.  Everyone was enthusiastic and energized by their terrific paintings….and fabulous wine.  It was a great combination.  Thank goodness for Lauren and Michele, two of my art students, who helped me work the party. Here are some scenes from the evening.  (And thanks Lauren for the panoramic shot.)  We can’t wait for the next one on May 12th!

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RappCell May PaintingHere is a new vineyard painting that I worked up yesterday for another Paint Party coming up at Rappahannock Cellars.  We’ll be doing this one in May.  More details on the party soon.

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Mountain Vineyard II Mountain Vineyard II, acrylic on canvas, 6″x8″, available at WInding Road Cellars.  

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Mountain WInery 1 Mountain Winery I, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, framed and available at Winding Road Cellars in Markham, Virginia.

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Fall VineyardFall Vineyard is a 6″x6″ acrylic painting on board.  It is on display at Winding Road Cellars and is SOLD!

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Step 1 - The Sketch

Step 1 – The Sketch

Step 2 - Sky and Distant Trees

Step 2 – Sky and Distant Trees

Step 3 - Middle Ground

Step 3 – Middle Ground

Step 4 - Foreground

Step 4 – Foreground

Last Saturday we had the Festival of Leaves in downtown Front Royal.  Even though it was a rainy day we had people coming by Delilah’s to see all the new work we have by the wonderful artists who are there.  I set up outside in a tent and started a new vineyard painting.  Here is the start of it.

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