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Camp 6 Day 3 Pissaro Windmill.jpgYesterday at Camp we studied Pissaro and recreated a lovely painting that he did in 1894 called Windmill at Knokke, Belgium.  And these young painters did a terrific job with it.  Take a  look!

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12299335_1052749538091851_4773032525122517321_nWe had our Famous Painters Party last night at The Studio.  Our painters recreated a beautiful Pissaro still life painting.  Great work ladies!

Our Famous Painter series is every 4th Tuesday at 6 pm.  We recreate a famous painting each time.  Join us!  The next might be Matisse.

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Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful visit to the National Gallery of Art with some of my students from the Southerlands.  There was 13 of us that made the trip to see the Picasso Drawings.

  No photography was allowed in that exhibit but this was the entrance poster so at least you can see what it was like.  The interesting thing was that there were probably about 50 pieces in the exhibit and probably half or more belonged to private collectors.  Really interesting.

After we finished seeing Picasso we wandered to the newly opened gallery of impressionist paintings….some of my favorites.

Paul Cezanne, French painter, 1839-1906. "The Artist's Father, Reading L'Evenement", oil, 1866.


Edouard Manet, French Painter, 1832-1883. "The Railway", oil, 1873.


Manet, "Masked Ball at the Opera", oil, 1873.


More to come tomorrow…

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