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Nothing feels quite as good as getting your sewing space organized. It seems like it doesn’t take much time to get all scrambled and several times a year I have to take a day to get all the fabrics arranged again and tools put back in their places. It helps me to be able to find what I need. Lincoln seems happy about it. Now to start pulling some fabrics for the next project. WooHoo!

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Studio Clean-up Wall Cab Studio Clean-up Cabinet Studio Clean-up Closet Studio Clean-up Girls Art Still not sure what got into me this weekend but I went into cleaning mode.  When you paint full-time supplies begin to pile up and sometimes get out of control.  And about once a year I can’t take it any more and decide to organize.  I guess that is what happened this weekend.  So I didn’t do much painting but got everything ready so that I can be more creative this week.

Art supplies – brushes, paints, canvas, easels, frames, framing supplies, papers, palettes, etc. – take up a LOT of space.  Having them in some kind of order makes it easier to be creative.

On the closet door in my studio room I have several paintings/drawings that my nieces did for me over the years.  They were probably 4 or 5 when they gave me these.  Now they are both in college.  WOW!  Where did that time go.

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