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Check out all the classes coming up soon at The Studio. We have so many beautiful paintings and fun quilting classes coming up. Check it out here and come join us for one soon. And follow us on Facebook to see what’s coming up.

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Studio Clean-up Wall Cab Studio Clean-up Cabinet Studio Clean-up Closet Studio Clean-up Girls Art Still not sure what got into me this weekend but I went into cleaning mode.  When you paint full-time supplies begin to pile up and sometimes get out of control.  And about once a year I can’t take it any more and decide to organize.  I guess that is what happened this weekend.  So I didn’t do much painting but got everything ready so that I can be more creative this week.

Art supplies – brushes, paints, canvas, easels, frames, framing supplies, papers, palettes, etc. – take up a LOT of space.  Having them in some kind of order makes it easier to be creative.

On the closet door in my studio room I have several paintings/drawings that my nieces did for me over the years.  They were probably 4 or 5 when they gave me these.  Now they are both in college.  WOW!  Where did that time go.

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It’s hard to be a “neat” painter.  This is the easel I used for most of the paintings I work on at home.  It’s messy but I need my stuff close at hand in able to work effectively.

And it takes a lot of “stuff” not only for painting, but also for framing, matting, hanging, promoting, marketing, etc.  An artist’s studio or work area often is filled with materials and “stuff”!

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