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Klimt Recovered

Gustav_Klimt_061-806x1024 I love seeing stories like this. “A Gustav Klimt painting stolen 23 years ago from the Ricci Oddi modern art gallery in Italy might just have been discovered in the unlikeliest of places—inside the walls of the gallery itself. A gardener was recently clearing ivy from the building’s walls, the foliage of which had long been concealing a metal panel. Upon prying it open, a small alcove was revealed, inside of which was a black bag containing what is now believed to be the missing canvas.”  Read the rest of this story from ArtNews by clicking here.

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Gustav Klimt Mada Primavesi

Gustav Klimt
Mada Primavesi

Gustav Klimt is an artist that we don’t see often enough.  You may recognize his style.  His most famous painting “The Kiss” is one that many people know.  This painting is one I saw at the Met recently.  It is Mada  Primavesi, painted in 1912.  She was the daughter of a banker and industrialist and the actress Eugenia Primavesi whom he painted in 1913.  Click here to read more.

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