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I have been away from the blog for a week or so because last Thursday I had a partial knee replacement and am home recovering.   This one has been a little different from the one I had 4 years ago….but I am doing well and getting better slowly.  I started PT Monday and go again today.  I am anxious to get up and going and am a little impatient that it is slower than I want.  Many thank to all my friends who have come by, walked Lincoln, brought food and sent well wishes for my recovery.  I appreciate it so much.  And a special shout out to Sister who came from Georgia and took care of me.  She made everything so much easier and being spoiled was really nice!  I’m sharing with you today this special art…a Get Well card…that my sweet little friend Charlotte made for me.  It is my new favorite thing!  

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Yesterday was 5 weeks since my knee surgery.  The recovery is going well.  I went with a procedure called Makoplasty which helped to speed recovery.  (Read more here.)  PT has been hard but worth it.  I am sure that Jed and Lincoln’s help has made all the difference in my therapy.  🙂

Patience is not my strong suit so I feel like I should be all well by now but I know I have weeks to go before I’m able to do everything again but I am well on my way.  And I am back at work-The Studio full time.

Of course, having a snake bite me during week 4 didn’t help the healing.  (That’s a whole other story!)

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