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20160424_145525  Happy Little Chickadee.  This is  my finished painting from the lesson with Joey last week.  (See Joey’s painting here.)  Everyone loves a Chickadee!


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Joey’s First Painting

JoeyThis is Joey.  Yesterday he had his first painting lesson with me and we painted this Chickadee.  He did a GREAT job.  Nice work Joey.

Joey has watched his big sister paint with me for a while now (See some of Sophia’s work here and here)  and he asked if he could give it a try.  I’m glad he did.

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Students Paint!

Kaylee's Butterfly

Kaylee’s Butterfly

Here is a beautiful Butterfly painting that Kaylee did a few weeks ago.

And here is a little Chickadee that Sophia painted.

Terrific work girls!

Sophia's Chickadee

Sophia’s Chickadee

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