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There was a lot of fun and laughter as we worked on our palette knife butterflies last night at The Studio. What fun and creativity! I love the color selections. Nice work all around! Watch for another palette knife class soon.

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Guests Come to Paint

You know we have ongoing weekly Art Classes for Adults and Kids at The Studio. These are held every Wednesday and Thursday. Click here for more information and details. And from time to time one of the regular students brings a friend with them to paint. This happened last week when Andrea’s friend Candy was visiting. They are both from New Hampshire originally and now Candy and her husband are traveling the country, living in their RV. I want to do that! It was so much fun hearing about her adventures while helping her create this little painting that will help her remember her time with us. Come join us for a class soon. You’ll love it too! Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to schedule a class.

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We finished Art Camp 2-Famous Painter’s Animals with the Warhol Butterfly. Beautiful! And then we had a little extra time to do a bonus painting so we added the Bee. This group did an amazing bunch of paintings this week. Keep up the good work.

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Monarchs Everywhere

Beautiful monarchs were painted Sunday afternoon at The Studio. SO MUCH FUN! Join us soon for a Paint Party. Check out the schedule here.

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The Monarch, acrylic on canvas measuring 10″x20″, framed,  $145.  Click here to go to The Studio store to purchase or see what else is available.  And thank you again for your continued support of my small business during this unusual and difficult time!

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20190117_092319.jpgA few weeks ago Sonja  came back to art class….after a 7 year break!  And to her great surprise I still had the canvas she had started working on….and she finished it.  It turned out great!  To say she came back with fresh eyes is an understatement.  LOL  Nice work Sonja.  Glad you came back.

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Butterfly July.jpgWe painted beautiful butterflies at The Studio last night with an enthusiastic group of painters.  Great work everyone.  They are beautiful.

This butterfly is a companion piece for some who painted the first one last month.  See it here.  

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Butterfly on Gerber DaisyEveryone loved the Butterfly painting we did last week at The Studio and several people missed out and hoped we would do another one.  So here it it.  This one will make a nice companion piece for the first one.  (See it here.)

This Paint Party will be Friday, July 15th at 6 pm.  Click here to register for the Paint Party.  

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We had a big group of painters creating beautiful paintings of flowers and monarch butterflies last night at The Studio.  Great job everyone!

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Students Paint!

Kaylee's Butterfly

Kaylee’s Butterfly

Here is a beautiful Butterfly painting that Kaylee did a few weeks ago.

And here is a little Chickadee that Sophia painted.

Terrific work girls!

Sophia's Chickadee

Sophia’s Chickadee

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