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Art Camp July 22 ManetAnother session of Art Camp is off to a GREAT start!  Yesterday we painted a wonderful copy of Manet’s Peonies, one of my favorites.  And the kids painting turned out magnificent.  Terrific painters.  Can’t wait to see how today’s painting turns out.

Ps.  I got a question about why one kid keeps covering his face.  His parents prefer that his image not be posted on the internet but I wanted him to be able to show off his beautiful work so this is our compromise.  🙂


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Studio Clean-up Wall Cab Studio Clean-up Cabinet Studio Clean-up Closet Studio Clean-up Girls Art Still not sure what got into me this weekend but I went into cleaning mode.  When you paint full-time supplies begin to pile up and sometimes get out of control.  And about once a year I can’t take it any more and decide to organize.  I guess that is what happened this weekend.  So I didn’t do much painting but got everything ready so that I can be more creative this week.

Art supplies – brushes, paints, canvas, easels, frames, framing supplies, papers, palettes, etc. – take up a LOT of space.  Having them in some kind of order makes it easier to be creative.

On the closet door in my studio room I have several paintings/drawings that my nieces did for me over the years.  They were probably 4 or 5 when they gave me these.  Now they are both in college.  WOW!  Where did that time go.

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BooksThe things you find when you clean up your studio.  Yesterday I spent all day cleaning up, straightening up, moving around, etc.  Now I’m exhausted!  The big thing I wanted to accomplish was to get all my art books in one location.  I did it but it took all day and one thing led to another so I ended up rearranging three rooms!!!

Fun to Cook Book 1 Fun to Cook Book 2 Fun to Cook 3While moving books from one room to another I found this old cookbook.  It is my very first.  I remember Mama ordering it for me.  We had to save three labels from Carnation products and mail them with a quarter.  (That is when you could actually mail a quarter in the mail.)  And then I waited for it to arrive.  How exciting it was!  I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.

So glad that I found it!

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Jan with MermaidJan is doing a great job painting.  This is her most recent work – a mermaid.  It turned out great!

Remember we have classes at the Blue Ridge Arts Council for adult painters on Wednesday at 10:30-Noon, or Wednesday or Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m.  We would love for you to join us.

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Janet's Kitchen Art I love it when people who have collected my art share with me photos of it in their homes.  Here is one from Janet who has purchased several of my paintings, most recently “The Farmer’s Market”.  This is how she has it  hanging in her kitchen with two poppy paintings that she also purchased.  Love it!  Thanks for sharing this with me, Janet.  And thanks for collecting original art!!!

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Thurs Kids Black BearLast week the kids painted a Black Bear.  They like painting animals and since so many have been spotted around here this year we thought this would be a good subject.  Good work!

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Abstract Pats Fav Pat’s Favorite is an acrylic abstract, 12″ x 12″, on gallery wrap canvas.  From time to time one of my students wants to experiment with abstract.  That happened last week in art class so this is the demonstration painting that I did while explaining abstract.

One of my favorite students, Pat (see her here), is not a fan of  abstract so I named this for her.  🙂

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