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Golf, oil on canvas, 8″x10″, available for $145.

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   At the Young Artist classes over the last three weeks we have been working on a masterpiece!  Normally we paint an 8×10 or 9×12 painting each week.  But recently we worked on these large 16″x20″ paintings of a beach scene.  It’s good for them to paint large from time to time just to see what it’s like to cover a canvas that big and to have a nice large painting to enjoy.  Good job guys.  Keep up the good work.

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I spent some time yesterday evening working on ideas for the kids to paint at Art Camp this summer.  Check out info here for this summer’s schedule and photos from last summer. 

The three Matisse’s you see here are my copies of three of his paintings that we did in art camp or art classes last year.  I love Matisse so I am sure we will do others.

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Pooped Pups

Pooped pups just home from the cabin this morning.  They have been out there a hundred times and still have not learned to pace themselves!  🙂


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You choose…


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Dogs in Art

There was a very interesting article that I read yesterday about Dogs in Art.  Check it out here.

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It’s been awhile since I shared some of my Young Art students work.  Here are a few photos to catch you up.  Great job everyone!

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Purple & Orange Trees, acrylic on watercolor paper, framed size 16″x20″, available for $145 each or pair for $200.

These are the type of abstract landscapes that we will be painting in the Workshop coming this Saturday. If you would like to join us, email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com and check out more about the workshop by clicking here.

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Twelve Years Ago Today

Twelve years ago today my friend, Carol and her granddaughter, Kayla (now my dog-sitter), went down to another friend, Sally’s, house in Raleigh to pick up the newest member of our family. Sally works with a rescue group called Second Chance, and we went down to possibly adopt a cute little girl dog, Fiona that I was hoping would get along with Truman, the basset hound that I had adopted about ten weeks earlier.

When we arrived a little black lab mix puppy, named Black Bart, attached himself to Truman and nothing we could do would separate them.  So instead of getting a little girl I adopted another boy whose name we changed from Bart to Jefferson.

Truman and Jeffie were only about 6 weeks apart in age and from the minute they met they were best friends and brothers.  And being part lab, (Jeffie was a bassador-basset/lab mix) he was a typical chewer.  He ate a wing chair, an ottoman, two rugs, a brand new sofa, and multiple shoes, etc. during the first four years of his life.  Then it was like a switch was thrown and he became the perfect dog.

I always say that everyone who has dogs gets to enjoy one or two really special “soul” puppies in their lifetime.  Jeffie was mine.  We learned that he could predict the migraine headaches that I suffered and let me know when to take my meds.  And he was just especially sweet. 

When we adopted an adorable little Cairn Terrier, Eleanor Roosevelt, better know as Rosie, she was scared of everything as she had been in a puppymill for the first seven years of her life.  It was Jeffie that began teaching her how to play.  He really rehabilitated her and helped her learn to enjoy life and her humans.

Jeffie was special that way.

Jeffie was an extra special boy; one that I will always love.  We lost him when he was just seven years old to cancer.  It happened very fast and we mourned for a long time. 

You may notice that my current Jed looks very much like Jeffie.  It’s the reason we have Jed.  I saw Jed’s photo on Petfinder and a day or two later I was driving to Ohio in a snow storm to pick him up.  And while I try not to compare the two, after several years Jed is turning out to be just as sweet as Jeffie was.  We miss you Jeffie….and thanks readers for allowing me to reminisce about my sweet boy.

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This is an underpainting of acrylic in black and white where we allowed the underpainting to dry totally and then put glazes of oil paint on top.  This technique is a great way for students to learn to see light and shadow.  We will be painting this lemon soon in our Thursday evening adult class.  Lemon, oil on canvas, 5″x7″, available for $75.  Contact kwalker@lifeofadailypainter.com .

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