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20170625_054420We had the Sander’s Ranch crowd back at The Studio yesterday and boy, did we have FUN!  And they created some beautiful paintings.  We had sheep, rabbit, horses, a wolf and of course, dogs all being painted.  Great work everyone!

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Kid’s Paintings Are Amazing

The kids who come to The Studio to paint do an amazing job. Take a look at Caleb’s Crow and Sophia and Joey’s Wolves.  Terrific!  I am always asked if they really do these paintings themselves….and yes, they do!  Since we only have an hour I often sketch their canvas so they can get right to the painting when they arrive.  I think they do so well because they are not afraid to put paint on canvas.  They’ll try everything and they pick up mixing colors very quickly.  Great works are being created at The Studio.  Why do you have your kids join us?  Learn more about our art classes here.

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