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20161017_055749.jpgWe have returned to the beautiful Whippoorwhil Manor Farm for The Studio Retreat II.  You might recall that we were here this summer for The Studio Retreat I.  (See more photos from that trip here.)  It was an awesome experience so most of the same group returned for a second go at painting and being creative  in this beautiful environment.

Lincoln and Jed love it here too.  Here they are on the porch yesterday afternoon waiting to greet the other Retreaters.  They could hardly contain themselves.  LOL –  Just two old porch dogs!  (BTW-Lincoln saw a ground hog running across the green field to the left of that red barn and I’m really glad I had a leash on him then or he would still be chasing that dang thing!)

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Retreat groupRetreat outbuildingRetreat BarnRetreat Painting ArborHere are some more scenes from our Art Retreat along with the first painting I started there.  It’s almost complete.  We return today back home but a great time was had by the attendees.  We can’t wait to go again.

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