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Truman Would Say VOTE!

Truman McCain Perot Today would have been Truman’s Birthday.  He was a good ole boy!  And we miss him.  But he had a wonderful long life and we think of him often and smile.  His full name was Truman McCain Perot….he was politically correct.  LOL!  He would encourage everyone to VOTE today.  Happy Birthday Truman.  We miss you!

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A Day to Remember Truman

TrumanToday would have been Truman’s birthday.  So we are taking today to remember our boy.  He was such a character.  If you have been following my blog for a while you will recognize him and may recall some of his antics.

Snow in Feb Truman looks outTruman wasn’t big on snow (or rain for that matter) so when we had that big snow storm a few years ago it took everything I had to get him to go out to do his “business”.  He would just go out and look around, shake his head and come back inside.

Tru He was a really cute pup who came to live with us when he was just 5 1/2 weeks old.  Spoiled wouldn’t begin to describe him.  But he was so darn cute it was hard not to give him his way.  Click here and here to see more about the TruMonster!  So here’s to you Truman.  We miss you!

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